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Do You Keep Your Hardware's Original Box?

Do You Keep Your Hardware's Original Box?

  • Nope, Direct to recycle the miunte I take the hardware out

  • Yeah, I collect them

  • Boxes? They just slowly disappear into my room, somewhere

  • I repurporse them for whatever other use

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Mar 18, 2008
2,866 (0.80/day)
System Name Virtual Reality / Bioinformatics
Processor Undead CPU
Motherboard Undead TUF X99
Cooling Noctua NH-D15
Memory GSkill 128GB DDR4-3000
Video Card(s) Sapphire R9 Fury X
Storage Samsung 960 Pro 1TB, Crucial MX200 500GB
Display(s) Acer K272HUL, HTC Vive
Case Fractal Design R5
Power Supply Seasonic 850watt
Mouse Logitech Master MX
Keyboard Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue
Software Windows 10 Professional/Linux Mint
Like the title said. I have found myself keeping all of my hardware's original box during my end of summer cleaning. Well of course flattened out boxes. Maybe for easier resell or whatever. I just like to collect these boxes. What about you?
Jan 29, 2012
4,570 (2.10/day)
System Name natr0n-PC
Processor Phenom II X6 1100T @ 3.7 GHz - NB 3.0 GHz | Xeon E3-1290
Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming | Asus Sabertooth Z77
Cooling TRUE 120 |Deep Cool Assassin
Memory Gskill Ripjaws X - 16GB DDR3 (4x4GB)
Video Card(s) MSI 7970 Twin Frozr III BE OC - 1100/1500
Storage Crucial MX300 525GB + Multiple Mechs
Display(s) SyncMaster 2343BWX 23" 2048x1152 / Dell 1909W 19" 1440x900
Case Sunbeam Transformer Silver - frame is built like a tank
Audio Device(s) X-Fi Extreme Music | X-Fi Titanium - Bookshelf system
Power Supply Corsair TX650 v1
Software Windows XP/7/8.1/10
Benchmark Scores Xeon E3-1290 cpuz world record
I put other things/parts in them usually so it's not just boxes wasting space.
Jul 31, 2016
22 (0.04/day)
Processor i5 2500k @4GHZ
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V
Cooling Hyper 212 Evo
Memory g.skill Sniper 1866 4GB x2
Video Card(s) Powercolor RX480 4GB
Storage Crucial MX100 x2
Case Antec 1100
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster Z
Power Supply Corsair HX750
I keep them but usually only my most recent stuff not really collecting them. I found it a little easier to sell stuff that had boxes for pictures, conveys that you treat your stuff well.

I do keep motherboard boxes though just to store random boards in.
Aug 3, 2011
761 (0.32/day)
At the Pub
System Name Kaby Doll
Processor i5 7600K W.C.
Motherboard Z170 Pro Gaming
Cooling Hardline Acrylic W.C.
Memory 2x8GB Corsair 3000
Video Card(s) GTX 1070 Sli W.C.
Storage M.2 850 Evo 512
Display(s) 4K 40" BDM4065UC
Case Corsair 750D
Audio Device(s) Asus Zonar
Power Supply Corsair AX1200
Mouse Logitech G502
Keyboard Logitech G910
Software Win 10 x64 atm
Yep, I love my original retail boxes.

I used to chuck them out but then I realized how much more comforting it is to see the original box.

It reminds me of going down the PC shop and seeing all the brand new hardware that's boxed up.


Overclocked quantum bit
Dec 6, 2007
14,659 (3.97/day)
Quantum Well UK
System Name Quantumville™
Processor Intel Core i7-2700K at stock (hits 5 gees+ easily)
Motherboard Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
Cooling Noctua NH-D14
Memory 16GB (4 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC3-12800 C9 1600MHz)
Video Card(s) Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme Edition
Storage Samsung 850 Pro 256GB | WD Green 4TB
Display(s) BenQ XL2720Z | Asus VG278HE (both 27", 144Hz, 3D Vision 2, 1080p)
Case Cooler Master HAF 922
Audio Device(s) Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty PCIe
Power Supply Corsair HX 850W v1
Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
I collect them too. I keep all the packing and other little bits and pieces in them too and they take a fair amount of space in my home. :laugh: They really come into there own though when I have to transport the item, especially if it's big, bulky and fragile, such as a computer monitor.

Now, to take this nerdiness to a new level, I really like my PS4 Pro box, so I didn't put it in the cupboard, but have it proudly on display! Yes, the PS4 has been taken out of it and being used, don't be silly. :p Mind you, I could buy another one and keep that on display, all pristine and new and sealed...

Finally, the slowly disappearing into my room phenomenon happens to some degree as well...


TPU addict
Jun 23, 2007
15,369 (3.98/day)
Processor 2500k \ 3770k
Motherboard ASRock Z68 \ Z77
Memory Samsung low profile 1600
Video Card(s) XFX 6770 \ XFX R9 390X
Storage Intel 80Gb (SATA2) WD 250Gb \ Team SSD+Samsung Evo 250Gb+500Gb+ 2xCorsair Force+WD250GbHDD
Display(s) Samsung 1080P \ Toshiba HDTV 1080P
Case HTPC400 \ Thermaltake Armor case ( original ), With Zalman fan controller ( wattage usage ).
Audio Device(s) Yamaha RX-V475 \ Marantz SR5008 Tannoy Mercury MKII Paradigm 5SE + Tannoy Mercury F4
Power Supply PC&Power 750w \ Seasonic 750w MKII
Mouse MS intelimouse \ Logitech G700s + Steelseries Sensei wireless
Keyboard Logitech K120 \ ROCCAT MK Pro ( modded amber leds )
Benchmark Scores Meh benchmarks.
Keep'em all as sooner or later i will re sell the item and it adds value, all so some company's you are required to have the box and believe Samsung is one of them.

I think some company's respect your RMA more too, and if i send a item in with the origianl box i expect the same back as it's part of what i payed for, Yes looking at you Razer.
Aug 1, 2009
868 (0.28/day)
Baguio City, Philippines
System Name hmmm...
Processor Intel Core i7-4790K // AMD Athlon II X4 630
Motherboard Asus Maximus VII Gene // MSI 785GM-E65
Cooling Noctua NH-D15S // Noctua NH-U12S
Memory 4x8gb DDR3 2400mhz G.Skill Sniper // 2x2gb DDR3 1333mhz GSkill Value RAM
Video Card(s) Zotac GTX 980 Ti // Palit GTS 250
Storage Samsung 850 EVO 500gb + 3x2tb WD20EZRX // 1tb Seagate 7200.12
Display(s) LG IPS234V // AOC 2217V
Case Corsair Graphite 760T // Lian-Li PC-7 Plus
Audio Device(s) Onboard // Onboard
Power Supply Corsair AX650 // Cougar CM 550
Mouse Corsair Vengeance M65 // Logitech MK120
Keyboard Corsair Vengeance K70 // Logitech MK120
Software Windows 10 Professional x64 // Windows 7 Professional x64
I keep the boxes and everything that goes with it in case I need to sell the part. Most of the buyers I've dealt with ask if the part/s I'm selling come with the boxes and other stuff.
Nov 21, 2010
643 (0.25/day)
Right where I want to be
System Name Ratchet
Processor Ryzen 1700X
Motherboard Crosshair VI Hero
Cooling Custom Loop, Ek blocks 280mm Rad
Memory 16gb TridentZ RGB DDR4 3000
Video Card(s) 1x ASUS STRIX RX480 OC(flashed to 580)
Storage JBOD
Display(s) HP ZR24w
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar STX II
Power Supply Seasonic X-series Gold 850W
Mouse Corsair Scimitar
Keyboard Corsair K70 Rapidfire
Software Windows 10
I keep them for the eventual resale or as a coffin if the item in question doesn't make it that far.
Dec 6, 2005
9,951 (2.25/day)
Manchester, NH
System Name Working on it ;)
Processor I7-4790K
Motherboard MSI Z97 U3 Plus
Cooling Be Quiet Pure Rock Air
Memory 16GB 4x4 G.Skill CAS9 2133 Sniper
Video Card(s) Power Color RD Vega 64 Reference
Storage Samsung EVO 500GB / 8 Different WDs / NAS with 2x2Tb WD Black
Display(s) 34" LG 34CB88-P 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD (3440*1440)
Case Rosewill Challenger
Audio Device(s) Onboard + HD HDMI
Power Supply Corsair HX750 (love it)
Mouse Logitech G5
Keyboard Logitech G710 Blue / G610 Orion Red
Software Win 7 Pro
Keep 'em for two reasons:
1. To organize manuals and extra parts
2. Resale value
Apr 16, 2010
1,907 (0.67/day)
System Name The Stone that the Builders Refused / Perception Forge version III
Processor i5 4570 /i7-6800k
Motherboard Msi Z87m / Asus x99M-WS
Cooling H80i / nh-d14
Memory 32 gigs patriot 1866 / 16gigs G skill ddr4
Video Card(s) MSI r9 270 / 970 windforce
Storage 120gig 840 evo, 120gig adata sp900 / 2 Samsung 840 raid zero 2tb seagate alot +
Display(s) 23'' asus lcd 29" Lg(r.i.p.) 42" nec monitor
Case Fractal desisn Node 804 / Fractal Design Node 804
Power Supply seasonic G 650 gold / Be Quiet Dark power pro 650 platinum
Mouse corsair vengence M65 / Func Ms3
Keyboard corsair k70 cherry blue /corsair k95 cherry red
Software Window 10 pro / windows 10 pro
Benchmark Scores meh... feel me on the battle field!
i put mother board, cpu, gpu, psu and etc boxes inside of the case/tower boxes(...except for my node 304...) and store them.....for some unknown reason.


PC Gaming Enthusiast
Jul 25, 2008
9,486 (2.74/day)
Louisiana -Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Processor Core i7-3770k 3.5Ghz, O/C to 4.2Ghz fulltime @ 1.19v
Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Pro Gen3
Cooling All air: 2x140mm Fractal exhaust; 3x 140mm Cougar Intake; Enermax T40F CPU cooler
Memory 2x 8GB Mushkin Redline DDR-3 1866
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G LE
Storage 1x 250GB MX200 SSD; 2x 2TB WD Black; 1x4TB WD Black;1x 2TB WD Green (eSATA)
Display(s) HP 25VX 25" IPS @ 1920 x 1080
Case Fractal Design Define R4 Black w/Titanium front -windowed
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster Z
Power Supply Seasonic X-850
Mouse Logitech G500
Keyboard Logitech G610 Orion mechanical (Cherry Brown switches)
Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Start10 & Fences 3.0 installed)
I keep them, but not to collect. It keep them for when it is time to sell the used hardware.


Creator Solaris Utility DVD
Aug 16, 2005
19,376 (4.27/day)
System Name Venslar
Processor I9 7980XE
Motherboard MSI x299 Tomahawk Arctic
Cooling EKWB L360 R2.0
Memory 32GB Corsair DDR4 3000mhz
Video Card(s) Gigabyte 1080TI
Storage 2x SG 3TB HDDs (RAID 0) | 1x ADATA 128 SSD (Cache) | 1x Drevo 256 SSD | 1x 1TB Samsung 850 EVO (OS)
Display(s) 3x AOC Q2577PWQ (2k IPS)
Case Inwin 303 White (Thermaltake Ring 120mm Purple accent)
Audio Device(s) Realtek ALC 1220 on Audio-Technica ATH-AG1
Power Supply Seasonic 1050W Snow
Mouse Roccat Tyon White
Keyboard Ducky Shine 6 Snow White
Software Windows 10 x64 Pro
I keep them for a month or so to make sure I have something to send it back in if my HW needs RMA. After that I make sure I dont need it to keep extra stuff like my PSU box is the only thing I will keep since it has alot of unused wires I might need later. Otherwise I break it down.
Jan 31, 2010
2,471 (0.85/day)
System Name Xtreme PC's AMDx8
Processor AMD FX8320 @ 4.0GHz NB/HT @ 2.6GHz
Motherboard Asus Crosshair V Formula
Cooling ThermoLab Baram 2x 120mm Gentle Typhoons 1850rpm
Memory 8GB (2x4GB) Mushkin Blackline DDR3 2400MHz 11/13/13/34/1T 1.65V
Video Card(s) Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB OC 1342/2000 (Core/Mem) BIOS Modded
Storage 2x Kingston V300 120GB SSD's Raid0: 1x Sandisk 128GB SSD 1xWD 2TB red, 1xWD 1TB black 1xWD 2TB nas
Display(s) ViewSonic VX2457 75Hz FreeSync 1920x1080p
Case SilverStone Raven RV02B-W + 3x SS AP181 + USB3.0 upgrade
Audio Device(s) Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme PCIe + Pioneer VSX-D457 amp Technics Speaker set
Power Supply SilverStone ST75F-P Modular 750W
Mouse Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
Keyboard Logitech G105
Software Windows 10 X64 PRO (build 1607)
Benchmark Scores it sucks even less much now ;)
Yup keep the shit outta them makes for easier storage for items waiting for sale whether thats a GPU CPU or mobo ram and sound cards too I even keep my keyboard and mouse boxes aswell
Mar 5, 2012
110 (0.05/day)
Dubai, UAE.
I keep them, I feel it's an insult to the hardware I buy if I put them away like so, also I usually upgrade them and selling them in their boxes is a value to me, hardware, the buyer.
I keep my hardware, phone, tablet, tech gadgets even my necklaces and stuff xD and sometimes I give away some stuff, so in their boxes it's a good value ,respect and appreciation to the person having it.
May 4, 2012
320 (0.15/day)
Processor Intel i7 2600K@4.3ghz
Motherboard Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3
Cooling Corsair H100 + Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro PL-2 x2
Memory Geil Enchance Corsa 1600 16GB
Video Card(s) Evga GTX980 Superclocked 4GB
Storage Plextor M3 128GB / WD Caviar Black 2+1TB
Display(s) Acer XB270HU 144hz Gsync
Case Corsair Graphite 600T white
Audio Device(s) Sound Blaster ZXR
Power Supply Seasonic 1000w Platinum
I don't exactly collect them, just never throw them away immediately. I put all the boxes in my case box, which is huge, and stack it on top of the closet to save space.
I don't usually flatten the boxes though, since most of them has plastic/foam inside to keep the hardware in place.
The main reason I keep boxes are for warranty purposes. That's why when I replace/sell a hardware, I get rid of the box along with it.
Aug 8, 2017
30 (0.18/day)
Processor FX-8320
Motherboard GA 990FXA-UD3 v4
Cooling EVO 212
Memory 24GB HyperX Fury Black
Video Card(s) Aorus RX 570
Storage 2x 1TB Seagate SSHD / 1x 2TB Seagate Expansion
Display(s) Samsung S24C350L
Case Armor MX
Audio Device(s) Realtek
Power Supply Seasonic 600
Software Win7x64
I keep boxes only for the time of warranty then it goes into the bin
Jan 31, 2012
1,613 (0.74/day)
System Name HyperMainframe
Processor G4560
Motherboard Asus PRIME H270M-PLUS
Cooling Thermaltake Gravity i1
Memory 1 x 8GB Cruicial 2400 mhz DDR4
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX970 4GB
Storage Cruicial M.2 275GB drive + WD black 500 GB + WD Blue 640 GB
Display(s) 2560x1080 LG 29" + LG 22mp67vq-p
Case Thermaltake Urban R31
Audio Device(s) Creative Recon 3D
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro M500W
Mouse Logitech G602
Keyboard Dell Somethin wireless
Software Windows 10 x 64 bits
I always keep my boxes, just ask my wife, who will gladly make a bonfire with all of them :D. Where I have boxes though, I got a lot of second hand parts too, but there is no option in the poll :)
Jul 18, 2007
2,425 (0.63/day)
System Name panda
Processor 6700k
Motherboard sabretooth s
Cooling raystorm block<black ice stealth 240 rad<ek dcc 18w 140 xres
Memory 32gb ripjaw v
Video Card(s) 290x gamer<ntzx g10<antec 920
Storage 950 pro 250gb boot 850 evo pr0n
Display(s) QX2710LED@110hz lg 27ud68p
Case 540 Air
Audio Device(s) nope
Power Supply 750w superflower
Mouse g502
Keyboard shine 3 with grey, black and red caps
Software win 10
Benchmark Scores http://hwbot.org/user/marsey99/
i have boxes filled with boxes xD

then i will throw them out, normally years after the hardware has been sold/passed on/died xD
Mar 21, 2009
4,925 (1.53/day)
System Name Spiderman
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard Asus Prime B350-Plus
Cooling AMD Wraith Spire Cooler/2x140mm Fractal Design case fans/1x120mm Fractal Design case fan
Memory TeamGroup Vulcan 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ CAS-13
Video Card(s) AMD Sapphire RX Vega 64 8GB
Storage SSD - OCZ ARC 100 256GB HDD - Western Digital Black 500GB+Western Digital Green 1TB
Display(s) Samsung C27F591 1080p 72Hz Monitor
Case Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium - Grey Window Version
Audio Device(s) onboard/Speakers: Logitech Z-4
Power Supply XFX Pro Semi Modular 650W
Mouse CMStorm Laser Mouse
Keyboard Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Red Keyboard
Software Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Keep all boxes i can and put them all in the case box so they aren't spread out all over the place.


Spaced Out Lunar Tick
Feb 26, 2013
8,367 (4.68/day)
System Name Wendys Nightmare / Winebox/ Matchbox
Processor Xeon X5670 @4.4ghz / G540 stock/ Q 8300
Motherboard Rampage ii Extreme / Giga GA H61m/ Intel P35
Cooling modded H100 pump and 12omm rad / stock/ stock
Memory 16gb Hyper FurryX triple / 4gb ddr3 / 4gb ddr2
Video Card(s) Gigabyte Windforce Gtx 970 1485/1800
Storage Kingston V300 120gb /YES/YES/YES
Display(s) 24 HannsG / tv/ 19 "/ 24"
Case Custom treadplate /yes/ wooden winebox/ matchsticks
Audio Device(s) ASUS Supreme xfi 7.1 / ob 7.1 / o/b/ob
Power Supply Corsair 550w / XFX 550// shuttle/ shuttle
Mouse Dead.....all dead.
Keyboard IBM kb7993
Software Win 10
Benchmark Scores http://hwbot.org/user/capslockstuck/
I do the Russian doll thing with my boxes.
May 14, 2016
38 (0.06/day)
Processor Intel Core i5 6500 OC 4.7 GHz
Motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING PRO
Cooling Intel Stock Cooler
Memory Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 2666
Video Card(s) Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980
Case Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass
Power Supply Zalman ZM600-LX 600W
Mouse SteelSeries Rival 300
Keyboard a4tech x7
Software win10
I always keep them as well, but yesterday I had to damage one of them :D (my PSU box). I went to get a budgie but I did not have any good box to carry her within so with tears, I placed some air holes on the surface of my PSU box. Sad but true story..


The Way It's Meant to be Played
Jan 5, 2006
9,312 (2.12/day)
System Name Sansaya / Sansaya Laptop
Processor Intel i7 6700K @ 4.2GHz / Intel i3 7100U
Motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming / HP 83A3 (U3E1)
Cooling Noctua NH-U12S + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut + 3 case fans / Fan
Memory 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz CL15 / 6GB DDR4 Samsung 2400MHz CL15
Video Card(s) MSI GTX1070 Gaming X 8GB / Intel HD620
Storage Samsung 850 Pro 512GB + Hitachi 2.5" 7200rpm 750GB / Samsung 256GB M.2 SSD
Display(s) 23.8" Dell S2417DG 165Hz G-Sync 1440p + 21.5" LG 22MP67VQ IPS 60Hz 1080p / 14" 1080p IPS Glossy
Case Be quiet! Silent Base 600 - Window / HP Pavilion
Audio Device(s) SupremeFX Onboard / Realtek onboard + B&O speaker system
Power Supply Be quiet! Straight Power 10 500 Watt CM / Powerbrick
Mouse Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Laser wireless / Logitech Nano Laser wireless
Keyboard RAPOO E9270P Black 5GHz wireless / HP backlit
Software Windows 8.1 x64 / Windows 10
Benchmark Scores Superposition 14106 (1080p medium) Fire Strike 21169 graphics score. Valley 8xAA 4218
Yeah I keep them, reasons:
  • Just in case when I need to send hardware back because of failure within the warranty period (RMA)
  • In case I sell some hardware, then I still got the original box
Nov 20, 2013
2,563 (1.69/day)
Kiev, Ukraine
System Name Evil Midget
Processor i3-6100
Motherboard MSI B150I PRO AC
Cooling Noctua NH-L9i
Memory 2x8GB Kinkston HyperX DDR4-2133 CL14
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX950 MINI
Storage Samsung XP941, Sandisk X400 512GB
Display(s) Samsung U24E590D (4K/UHD)
Case LianLi Q11B
Audio Device(s) Int.
Power Supply SeaSonic 450W 80+ GOLD
Mouse Logitech G5
Keyboard Zalman K500 modded
Software Windows 10
Benchmark Scores Can fit into a backpack =)
I'm an original box hoarder.
If it's something personal, I keep the box for the sake of better resell value, and at least for the first few years - warranty.

When it comes to mundane everyday crap, I keep boxes from motherboards that I couldn't fix and dismantled for recycling. Those are perfect to store my other crap, like smaller boxes, smaller-smaller boxes, useless gizmos, and electronic components.
Also perfect for indefinite storage of unfinished projects (I have quite a few). All you need to do is dump everything related into the box, put a sticker on it with short description of whattaheck it is, what it's for, and put it away in the pile of similar boxes.
Mar 26, 2014
5,214 (3.74/day)
Washington, USA
System Name Volt
Processor i7-4790k
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 5
Cooling NZXT Kraken X60
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws 4x8GB
Video Card(s) MSI GTX1080 Ti Gaming X
Storage 250GB SSD / 3x1TB + 2x2TB HDD
Display(s) 3x AOC 2425W + ViewSonic VA2855Smh + 2x Dell E178FP
Case Phantec Enthoo Pro
Audio Device(s) LucidSound LS30
Power Supply Rosewill Fortress 750w
Mouse G.Skill MX780 RGB
Keyboard G.Skill KM780 RGB (Brown switches)
Software Windows 10 Professional
Benchmark Scores Technical term is PEBCAK issue, which stands for Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
I wish we did so I'd have that Win8 key for reinstalls.
Jun 8, 2017
83 (0.37/day)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard ASRock AB350 Pro4
Cooling Cryorig H7 via Noctua NF-F12
Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport LT white 2x8GB, DDR4-2400
Video Card(s) Gigabyte R9 390 G1 Gaming via Arctic Accelero Xtreme III
Storage Samsung 840 250GB (OS), Crucial MX300 750GB
Display(s) Samsung 40" LED 1080p TV
Case Fractal Design Define S - Front: 3x Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500, Back: Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply Corsair Vengeance 650M
Software Windows 10 Home
Yeah I keep them, reasons:
  • Just in case when I need to send hardware back because of failure within the warranty period (RMA)
  • In case I sell some hardware, then I still got the original box
Did it for the same reasons but since our cellar was almost exclusively filled with boxes, I was forced by my wife to dispose most of them. :slap: