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Downgrade Video Bios for GTX 690, UEFI-compatible to Legacy


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Feb 16, 2020
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Hello there,
I bought an used GPU ASUS GTX 690 to install on an old computer. It is a legacy motherboard (foxconn 2ABF).
The GPU was not recognized immediately by the motherboard but with a trick from internet, you can still run UEFI GPU on this motherboard. You somehow can bypass the part where it gets locked. Anyway, this is not the issue.
The GTX 690 was supposed to be a LEGACY/HYBRID GPU.

I have found out there was this program from ASUS "ASUS VGA Card UEFI VBIOS update tool " who could upgrade ASUS VGA card's VBIOS from legacy VBIOS to UEFI VBIOS.
It says that the update processing is irreversible and that you cannot use legacy VBIOS any longer. Link to the program here
Do you known what this program is doing exactly? Clearly, it flashes the bios (just by looking at the files included) but I could not find exactly where the ROMS are located.

I suspect there was an upgrade since by running GPU-Z, the two video bios versions were with UEFI support (reminder: this is a bi-gpu)
80.04.4C.00.0E (link to techopowerup rom here)
80.04.4C.00.0F (link to techopowerup rom here)

So my concern is : do you think it is possible to downgrade back another version such as those one which I think are for legacy motherboards?
Asus says you cannot flash back? Why ?

(links are here) It says no UEFI support.
I have sent a request to ASUS but not sure they will still support any requests regarding old GPUs.
Thank you.

I have found a note in this forum that this guy has done the UEFI patch but got issues after patching. Looking at the captured screen, it seems that his biosversions are:
80.04.1E.00.17 and 80.04.1E.00.18. so I am a bit lost now.