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Downgrading a brand new dell latitude D530

Oct 21, 2005
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System Name Small ATX Desktop
Processor Intel i7 3770k @ 4.5 GHz /1.25 volt
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H with Beta Bios F20e
Cooling PHTC12DX CPU + MK-13 VGA, 1xDelta EFB1212VH, 2xYate Loon 140 PWM, 2xCorsair 120 PWM
Memory Samsung 30nm Green MV3V4G3D DDR3 16 GB (4x4GB) @ 1800 MHz CL9 1.35 volt
Video Card(s) PNY Geforce GTX 770 XLR8 2GB @ Core 1254 MHz / Ram 1800 MHz
Storage Seagate 600 240GB SSD (Boot) + 2xWD Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1TB Data
Display(s) Asus PB258Q 2560x1440 + Asus VH242H 1920x1080
Case Lian Li PC A05 (Inverted Mobo)
Audio Device(s) Audiotechnica ATH M50X, Antlion Mod Mic 4, SYBA SD-CM-UAUD USB Audio Dongle
Power Supply Seasonic SS-660XP2 660 Watt Platinum
Mouse Zowie EC2A, Corsair MM600, inateck 900mm x 300mm Mat
Keyboard Filco Majestouch II Ninja TKL and Goldtouch GTC 0033 Ten Key (Cherry Browns)
Software Win7 64 Pro
Benchmark Scores Wprime 32 5.758 http://www.wprime.net/Scores/19988/View
Bought a D530 for work and boss wants me to have xp on it. How do I install xp on it? When xp install disk is in drive it says "can't find harddrives". From what I understand I have to slipstream some driver onto it using nlite but I don't understand this process. Could anyone give me a step by step?
Aug 12, 2008
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We just ran into the same problem. I changed the hard drive type to SATA, ATA. Once I did that, I could use our enterprise Windows XP Pro CD to install. Be careful about the PCI controller. If you have an older D530 with the resource CD you can get the driver from that. It is not part of the dell update software menu.