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Ducky One 2 Skyline Keyboard


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Jul 1, 2014
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Ducky has given their One series of keyboards a makeover with the new One 2 series. Coming in three options of a customized case and multi-toned keycap sets out of the box, we take a look at the One 2 Skyline that offers a well-built, fairly unique-looking keyboard with extensive onboard functionality at a good price.

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May 22, 2015
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Ha, the price got you there.
You can't list it as a Pro, because it's on the expensive side in the EU and you can't list it as a Con because it's ok in the US :D


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Feb 12, 2019
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I Just grabbed one of these (Skyline version) and it looks great. I don’t know what Ducky is thinking when they say the extra keycaps pack will be a “random” color, especially when these keyboards have a specific color scheme. You want the extra keys to match, right? Are they nuts?
Anyway, thankfully the blue keycaps pack was in my box, which matches Skyline’s blue enter key. Hopefully they’ve abandoned this dumb random color idea.


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Feb 25, 2021
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Considering picking up a One 2 Phantom full size for work. Will it be possible to ass white LEDs to the PCB further down the road if I decide that is something I want? I think Ducky uses the same PCM and onboard processors for their backlit and RgB options yes?