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E6600 cannot more than 3GHz?

Jun 6, 2007
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this is my system

Core 2 Duo E6600 ( with gigabyte CPU cooler )
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 Motherboard ( will replace with XFX 680iLT very soon )
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4
XFX Geoforce 8800GT 512MB ( with Zalman FV7 Cooler )
Enermax Liberty 620W PSU
Cooler Master Stacker 832 Casing

i could'nt get more than 3GHz.
my system only stable in 3GHz,once i try 2 OC more than 3GHz,it is unstable.
i do try adjust the CPU multiple,Vcore but still cannot over 3GHz.

PS : the ram clock still default,i never change it.


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May 8, 2007
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Processor E6600@3.6Ghz (8x450)
Motherboard Commando
Cooling TRUE
Memory 2GB Ballistix Tracers @900 4-4-4-12
Video Card(s) ATI X1950XTX w/TR HR-03
Storage 2 x WD250GB (RAID0) 1x WD150GB Raptor 1x500GB external
Display(s) Dell 24" Ultrasharp
Case TT Armour
Audio Device(s) Xfi xtreme Gamer (X-230s/HD595s)
Power Supply TT 750W modular
Software xp pro SP2/Vista Ultimate 32
Have you tried increasing the voltage on the North Bridge (VMCH) as well as FSB termination voltage? What Multiplier x FSB are you running - 9x333, 8x375 etc.
Jun 6, 2007
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Have you tried increasing the voltage on the North Bridge (VMCH) as well as FSB termination voltage? What Multiplier x FSB are you running - 9x333, 8x375 etc.
i got try 2 increase MCH and FSB Voltage for 0.1,0.2,but still the same.

i dont need incrase any voltage other than CPU core voltage at 3GHz mode.
Jun 6, 2007
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You need to

Lower the FSB:RAM divider


increase vcore.

Lowering cpu multipler wont help as it puts a greater strain on teh memory. Im assuming you're currently running an FSB:RAM divider of 2:3.
now i m using 2:4
i do try incrase Vcore but stil get he samething.
computer will always HANG.


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Oct 15, 2006
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What is all your current settings in BIOS for your current OC?
FSB, DDR Divider, I want every list and setting that you have available. I've seen these boards OC pretty high.

Maybe if we can see the options you have and the settings you are attempting we can see something you've missed. I recommend either writing down on pad of paper and typing out (easiest to read) or taking a picture.

Hopefully we can get you OC'd to your goal with full stability! :toast:


Nov 20, 2006
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Umm... 2 is FSB, 4 is RAM. So you would be running your RAM at double your FSB (real). Which is like 1333DDR. Try 2:3... DDR1000. Probably won't be stable. Try 3:4... somewhere around DDR865. Might make it.

Am I right here?
Jun 6, 2007
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i m already success OC my system to 3.2GHz
i add 0.1v for FSB,MCH,0.2v for DDR.CPU Vcore 1.375v,Multiply 8
2:0 ratio.

now my FSB is 400MHz,DDR2 800

what i get is,superPI 16seconds.2 seconds faster than 3.0GHz,9x multiply.
but the memory Read Speed is slower a bit and Latency higher compare with 3.0GHz,9x multiply.
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