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EverQuest classic 1999-2001; play it again

Discussion in 'Games' started by newconroer, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. newconroer


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    Earlier I was responding to a Guild Wars 2 thread and got to thinking about the EverQuest emulator I play on.

    I am aware emulation of online games have been subject to much debate and subsequently topics on the matter get squashed quickly. I believe in this case there's an exception to be made and let me discuss exemptions - please moderators if you are considering closing this, read the first part before doing so(if you want to hear more about the server/game itself skip past this bit).


    For anyone whom has followed EverQuest's evolution, the game has made significant changes to the core mechanics to the point where new players now or even from five years ago, are unaware of it's origins and the different shapes it's taken on over time. The original game data and packets once used in that time period are missing - Sony developers from that project whom still blog or visit to discuss such, have indicated that nearly all the original content in it's master form are gone. Additionally there are no versions of the product in circulation that cater specifically to this purpose or the game's content time-line in which this emulator is designed around - and even if you managed to find a copy of (for example) the trilogy box set [​IMG], installing and patching it would result in you playing a different game to the one sold in that box.

    While there was some personal talk by Sony developers to open one or two servers with the sole intent of recreating the Classic experience, this has never been more than a wish list and there's no indication of it being financially or resourcefully backed by Sony.

    The emulation that is taking place is not emulation of the game as it is distributed, sold, marketed, hosted and accessed now in 2012.

    It's important to note that as far as we know, Sony is fully aware of the EverQuest server emulators that aim to provide the Classic experience, and none have been targeted with a cease request of any type - additionally we have developers who visit now and again and whom also play.

    Furthering that, RMT (real money transfers) are disallowed and consequently banned as was the case in the original EverQuest. There is no profit being made by the server.

    The Server
    Moving onto the server(s)* itself (from 2009 onwards)- it aims to recreate the Classic experience from day one of EverQuest up until Shadows of Luclin (2001). In following the 'live' time line the server also releases/released new data and content to replicate how it evolved back in 1999-2001.
    The graphics and sounds are original as you would remember them (though there is a 'hi-res' download for the textures should you want it). The gameplay is also majorly unmolested and like in classic fashion, there are unfinished quests in the world of Norrath that to this day no one has completed.

    * There are two servers one for PVE and one for PVE/PVP respectively titled Blue and Red.
    We achieve about seven to eight hundred players on peak times for the Blue server.
    The next and last expansion to be released will be Scars of Velious and suspect population to double for that era.

    While there's a plethora of information on the http://www.project1999.org * itself to get you started(please follow instructions to the letter) and convince you to play, there is an official wiki type page found here http://wiki.project1999.org/Main_Page which can provide a massive amount of information. For those who remember back in the day places like Casters Realm was the main website squeeze for people needing to look-up information and of which there was very little. Between voice communication and the ease of internet, playing EverQuest is slightly less challenging now.

    *Please ignore the "Welcome" comment at top middle of .org site. It for some reason has not been updated since the launch and while is true, is also false as we've moved on since then.

    While it is labeled a Classic server, there are some adjustments to increase convenience :

    A) Items can be hotlinked in chat. This means you no longer have to type out all the stats of an item when trying to auction it.
    B) The UI is updated and no longer has the old style (see attached for old versus an example of mine that I took)
    C) Variance on raid mobs

    There are more, mostly insignificant however not worth mentioning.
    I would say then with confidence that for anyone whom hasn't played since about 2001 when Luclin launched and has always wanted to revisit those days, this is the way to go.

    Feel free to message me here if you have any questions.

    If the moderators wish to leave this up, I may come back and revise it to either make more sense or flow better with more needed information.
    The .org has it's own forums as well, questions are welcome there.

    As a disclaimer I am not at this time a part of the development team and this is not a plug or advertisement for any purpose other than to spread the good news and hopefully bring some entertainment to some old school gamers.

    Finally, in accordance with the comments previously regarding official Sony involvement - part of the reason this is also crucial is that we believe the more successful this particular emulated server is, the more likely Sony will consider making it official (possibly taking over the server itself). We need everyone's support though - just something to keep in mind.

    Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas and hope to see you in-game.

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  2. Guitar


    Oct 12, 2008
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    Everquest is F2P on Steam.
  3. f22a4bandit


    Sep 20, 2010
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    I might have to check this out. Thanks, New.
  4. Kreij

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    Cheeseland (Wisconsin, USA)
    EQ was the first MMO I ever played shortly after it first launched. I was on dial-up.
    I spent more time doing corpse runs than actually getting anything accomplished. :D
    Lots of fond (and not so fond dial-up) memories.
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  5. EiSFX

    Jul 10, 2008
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    Alberta, Canada
    EQ might be free to play on steam but not the classic EQ that everybody actully liked the new EQ is completely different then this one the OP is talking about
  6. jtsonphone New Member

    Dec 24, 2012
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    me too,I spent more time doing corpse runs than actually getting anything accomplished.[​IMG]

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