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EVGA RTX 2060 SC Ultra | No BIOS listed | Windows wont boot


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Jan 14, 2021
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I've had a problem with my computer not waking from sleep or from a boot. It all seems to stem from my graphics card drivers. After a few months, the problem gets worse until Windows is completely unable to boot and I have to do a fresh install.

My computer would freeze for a brief time and if audio was playing it would loop the last millisecond of it, after 10 seconds it would come back. When it would wake from sleep it would either be a black screen or it would have white squares all over a black screen. These symptoms would get worse and eventually when rebooting it would never load. The first time it happened I checked my ram and did a disk check, with everything normal I figured a fresh install would fix it.

It did not fix it because 6 months or so later everything repeated itself. I found a thread with a suggestion to stop the hard drives from entering sleep mode to fix the computer freezing, it seemed to help. However, the not booting after sleep or a reboot did not change. This time windows tried to repair itself by disabling the Nvidia drivers with a Code 43. I tried to mess with that by uninstalling the drivers in safe mode and installing the latest drivers but it still bricked windows. I now have a fresh install again.

I'm looking into flashing fresh bios onto my card as a suggestion from a few sources.

The problem is that this website seems to have every BIOS except for mine, the EVGA 2060 SC Ultra.

Using GPU-Z its BIOS is listed as 90.06.3B.00.0A.

I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion for me, or if anyone knows if maybe the BIOS from a KO Ultra or XC Ultra would work if I threw it into mine.

Thanks! I've been dealing with this for a while and any ideas would be appreciated.