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EVGA RTX3070 FTW3 Ultra VRM Problem


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Apr 4, 2020
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GPU voltage is 12-phase and managed by an OnSemi NCP81610 controller.

You talk about this card's voltage regulation module. Let's look this controller's datasheet.

The device is capable of driving up to 8 phases and incorporates differential voltage and phase current sensing, adaptive voltage positioning and PWM_VID interface to provide and accurately regulated power for computer or graphic controllers.

This card has 12 phase VRM configuration and this controller supports 8 phases. How is this possible?
@W1zzard you reviewed this card, so ı tagged you.

Sorry for my English, thanks for reading and answering.


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Maybe they doubled up some of those phases
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Just, is it just that?

That's the only way I can see it given the datasheet. It's not uncommon in the industry to use phase doubling.
Jun 24, 2015
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I thought we only encountered this on motherboards.


You can get 12 from 8 on the PWM by 4x2 + 4. Higher end Ampere cards split the Vcore plane between 2 or 3 separate controllers, so it doesn't seem that unreasonable that a single, smarter PWM can split the Vcore plane into two parts? Can't remember the specific Vcore components that Ampere needs, though.

Lower-midrange PWMs on AM4 boards already do this.