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Experience the 3D experience with LCD 3D ASUS VG236H !!!


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Oct 12, 2005
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First, I would have some comments about the design of the product. First sight LCD VG236H with the straight edge and the square top design is simple, but the glossy black mirror inside is not diferent a mirror surrounded by a wooden frame.

Horizontal, two in the top and bottom borders are crossed, the product overall design makes me feel like you are watching mobile phone oversized dimensions

Enjoy products from the back is hard to say something nice, the bracket like a rack square metal pipe has been purchased from a store of materials, but these are only small details do not need them, anyway people used to buy products because "face" of that.

Continuing with the main actor of today, would like to introduce to people, ASUS VG236H ladies. First I would like to introduce the basic specifications of ASUS VG236H.

Model: ASUS VG236H
Panel Size: 23 inches wide
Scanning frequency 120Hz Full HD 1080p 1920x1080
Brightness: 400
Response time: 2ms
The signal ports: DVI, D-Sub
Size: 550 x 420 x 250 mm
Self-weight: 7kg
Voltage: 100 ~ 240V

With dimensions 23 inches wide, VG236H may be not the largest monitor, but VG236H size still makes a lot of people have the desire. Only when watching full HD video resolution, you can understand the "joy" of size, and will be more fun if it's movies with 16:9 ratio, a real theater with wide screen. This is the scene in the movie Wall-E, resolution = 1920x800, true width of LCD.

The important point required to discuss is the image quality. Confess to you that I have only touched on some LCD monitors and LCD TVs from 15 to 40inch, but this is the first time I was impressed by the image quality. It's hard to realize this does not happen if I replaced VG236H with a other LCD just use, the brightness can be quite large, or high contrast, but also thanks to technology ASCR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) do not know about, but the image is shown very clearly, a completely different feeling. Only when placed VG236H next to other products, you can see the difference. Some pictures below to compare :

You can guess what was the ASUS VG236H ??? Disclosed to you, I use the LCD is also ASUS 19inch while ASUS VG236H is the 23inch Wide. I can say so much because in the market is much more well known products that quality has been confirmed over time, but I believe VG236H allowed to stand in line with those products.

On the main item. As I said, the market has many products that picture quality has been confirmed, so why would you not buy those products that has chosen ASUS VG236H ? Well, one of the highlights I assure you most excited is the ability to support video and 3D gaming, this is one of the world's first monitor that supports 3D features, ASUS VG236H are sold together with NVIDIA 3D VISION kit .

Perhaps many of you have watched the AVATAR 3D movie in theaters a few months ago, have fun and feel with new experiences, but I assure you will have a special feel with VG236H and NVIDIA 3D VISION kit, of course, a new NVIDIA graphics card to play games anymore. The first thing created most obvious difference is the distribution layer, for normal movies, we can see and acknowledge the depth, but it is thanks to the experience without any visual sense, and that is exactly what ASUS VG236H want to offer users

To export a 3D signal, you need to install drivers for 3D VISION kit and video programs that support 3D look.

Glasses on, turn on the PC, we battle here. Because movies are generally too, that people see as much, so I decide to play games. Game Burnout Paradise 3D make me really excited.

Thank heaven, save the game from prehistoric remains, to have the genuine cars try to fire. There are many people think that 3D images
floating in front of the screen, but really not so. If you do not have the opportunity to experience, I explain this simply, 3D images giving you
nearly the same when looking at the aquarium glass, you can feel the depth, degree of convex and concave comment fish, in order to feel
the depth, and 3D images on the screen is showing the depth behind the mirror, on the trend inside behind the screen. Back to "paradise", the details on the car and surroundings can make good, but colors do not need to discuss, perhaps in part thanks to the vibrant capital of the game.

The scene in the far distance run very fast, only regret is not getting out of the screen, the new phase collision this trick is the god of Paradise, now still more impressive, but 3D, perhaps large scenes motion to capture the sequence, but when collisions occur with the broken, damaged components spattering, gray-black smoke and dust rolling pull-long trail along the pears adequate posture of the vehicle, the cut scenes that "victim" working toward the play, I'm sure many people will avoid the emotional bent. Fortunately, the wireless glasses work, if not many people pulled down the PC. Sometimes you startle in the chase phase of a sudden a "guy" from any PC in the back beyond the horizontal surface at a distance too close.

Boring race, I changed the feeling to try avoid bullets in FPS games, this battle is Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033, could see debris flying everywhere, the walls were destroyed by bombs, as is happening around you, do not retreat steps, do not be afraid, the soldiers go forward, then fell forward.

3D technology trend today are only the initial stage after the success of the film AVARTA, but has caused the attention of the public, recent NVIDIA continues to support 3D games combined on 3 screens called Surround with 3D Vision with the shake hands with the hardware manufacturers. Currently most users will be reluctant to invest or not, but the adherents of the 7th art and passionate gamers can be proud when the ship is a 3D system performance, let's wait and hope so, at least invest a graphics card to output 3D signals as GTX465 cards also have become more feasible, that the time will come we all can enjoy the 3D space as easily as LCD appears to replace CRT.

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