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[Case Gallery] Face lift

Feb 4, 2008
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AMD Dual Core Processor, a Pioneer DVD Burner, 2GB's of ram, PC Chips motherboard, a really big AC fan, a apevia 120MM fan, a apevia 80MM exhaust fan, a Thermaltake fan control console, and a Seagate Barracuda 250GB Hard Drive.

I posted this one a while back but it looked a little different then. The reason I had to make changes to this computer was because I originally mounted the DVD player too low and could not fit in any cards such as the video card I have coming this week. The DVD burner use to be mounted in the center. I actually like the look better. I may end up keeping this one because I have a lot of time vested in it messing it up, and the chances are no one will buy it.

So far I have received three reactions. A 12 year old said, "that's sick." That means good. A 25 year old female gamer said, "that's so cool." And my wife said, "you should have left it the way it was." Like the last wooden case I made, people either love it or hate it. This is how it looked before the face lift. http://www.techpowerup.com/gallery/1466.html
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