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First Graphic Card; What should I get? (200 to 500 dolars)

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by CharlO, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. spearman914

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    Apr 14, 2008
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    I know that. But keep in mind slapping 2 of the same GPU's together doesn't actually mean double performance because other specs like bandwidth and fillrate are not doubled.
    CharlO and wolf say thanks.
  2. ShogoXT

    ShogoXT New Member

    Feb 14, 2008
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    If its your first video card, id say get a good single GPU and dont deal with SLI or crossfire just yet. Find a GTX280 or 4870 1GB on sale and be set.
  3. wolf

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    May 7, 2007
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    well yes and no, but thanks for bringing it up.

    theoretically you get double everything, however watch for that, for example. a 4870X2 is marketed as a 2GB card, however each GPU can only access 1Gb and the cards work in unison, effectively this is a 1GBX2 card, not really a 2GB card, but since its physically there, Manufacturers will say it.

    scaling. now theres a word multi GPU takers love to discuss. simply scaling is how much the second (or more) GPU's are being used.

    100% scaling means that for example, GTX280 SLi was putting out exactly double the FPS, eg, 100 to 200

    50% scaling means the second GPU is only adding 50% of what the first puts out, eg, 100fps to 150 fps.

    so there are limitations on your theoretical numbers, becuase the GPU's have to communicate with eachother.

    Generally speaking 100% scaling doesnt really occurr much, good scaling cards these days probably scale 60-80%, paybe pushing 90-95 in extreme situations.

    another given rule of scaling is, the more intense the GPU work, the better they scale, for example; @ 1024x768 with no AA, GTX 280 SLi would be flying anyway, and a second gpu wont scale too well as you'll already be seeing huge FPS.

    @ 2560x1600 With 16xAA + 16xAF, each card is brought to its knees, so each has a chance to do its very best.

    kinda odd way of explaining it sorry but i hope it helps.
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  4. CharlO New Member

    Oct 5, 2008
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    Many Thanks to everybody, think I'm getting it, though it's still a hard choice wich card I should get :) Think I might buy a Gtx 280 and later if in need Sli it, guess that's the best choice 'cause most game are optimized for Nvidia (Really hate that) but, if you wanna play have to follow the rules. Never the less I wont change my mother just now, so if 4890 is amazing, or at least a better card I can switch to an Ati chipset, anyway a 280 here (Arg) can be selled almost twice what you buy it there, even used, so..
  5. jmcslob

    Mar 14, 2009
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    I'm not sure but i think the color scheme is better with Ati if that's important to you,I could be wrong but my last Nvidia was a Evga 8800gtx and it just didn't have the color spectrum i like,but i have have an extremely sharp sense of color I personally know 3 people who have gtx280's and they are absolutely great video cards,and on the other hand my Dad has a 4870 and i like it a little better. For me I have a 8800gtx in my daughter's pc E6600 gigabyte p-45 and its great
    In my main pc i have a 4830 runs slightly faster than the 8800 but has better color and aa(thats usable) thats with a phenom 9850 on a gigabyte 790gx
    And in my tweaking PC i have a Ati hd2900 pro its not as fast as the 8800 but has better color again-I could be wrong and thats with a Amd 6000+ on a CHEAP ECS 770 mobo
    I know at times Nvidia may have the better product as far as speed but all together I think Amd has a better all around package.

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