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[FS] Toshiba M30 Laptop. Needs repairs.


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Jan 12, 2006
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I have a Toshiba M30 laptop model PSM30C-0RUU9 specs can be seen here:

The main board is fried but according to the Toshiba service center everything else inside it is fine. They have quoted me on a new mainboard, but I chose to buy a brand new laptop instead (got to be that time).

I should also still have the software kicking around for it. All that needs to be done is to run the restore disk to get windows reinstalled on it. The hard drive has been formatted and is completely clean.

To sum up, I am taking offers for a the above laptop. It is not currently working, but is repairable. All pieces other than the main board in good working order.

As a last ditch, I will take offers for individual parts.

Thanks for looking,

Current asking price: 100CAD

Microage quoted me at about 610CAD for the mobo and 120CAD for the labour after tax. If anyone wants to see this invoice, I can scan it and upload it.

As for references, Not really much I can give you. I have some e-bay feedback under the same name. If you want confirmation you can always drop me a line through my e-bay account and I'll respond to you within my account.

Oh and I will accept other forms of payment, but I really would prefer Paypal.

Thanks t_ski for the tips.
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Apr 11, 2006
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Sorry, but you have to list a price. Doesn't matter so much if you stick to it, but you need to ask a price to post it here.

While you're at it, it would be a good idea to list some references, and maybe give some more info on the price for the quoted mobo for it.