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FS/US:NEW Computer parts. 775 parts,KMV cable,/2,DC-DCPSU,Celeron D,ARB Compressor


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Apr 1, 2008
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FS/US:NEW Computer parts. 775 parts,KMV cable,Celeron D,ARB Compressor

I've got some NEW computer parts for sale.(All of these were aquired during a friends comp shop went outa business sale.) USPS FLAT RATE SHIPPING IS $5+extra charge for weight.(Which i'll cover) Shipping Must Be added to total amount.prefer non-cc, but if you need to use CC then we'll figure something out
property ownership picture http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii222/imsobored152/Picture004_S.jpg Picture is a few months old, so not all items pictured are for sale. Only items listed here are for sale.
All the 775 parts WILL fit together. Further questions please post here or send a PM.
The Memory, CPUs and Power Supplies, were out of a bulk box, so they will be shipped in a different package than the original. But all are new.All items are new unless stated otherwise If you read through to this point then gimme a free bump
As items sell they are removed from the list

MY HEAThttp://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=62362

Please Read Item Discription Before Purchasing
All items are AS-IS, they leave me working, no warranty on any items. If you require additional pictures, LMK

Only package deal that can be made is Mobo+CPU+HSF. 1, both, or all 3.There is NO more pc3200memory

WTTFWouldn't mind [2]1 gig Pc3200

*NEW*[1]Viair 2.5Gl air tank $50+S/H P# 91025 (I can provide pictures upon request)

*NEW*ARB Air Compressor $200+s/h P# RDCKA (I can provide pictures upon request)

[1]HP 5064-9191 VL600 MATRIX VIDEO CARD WITH 8MB FOR KAYAK & VECTRA$5+S/H(USED)http://www.360tech.com/catalog/vl600-matrix-video-card-with-kayak-vectra-refurbished-p-25100.html

[1] PC2100 128Mb $5+S/H(USED) http://www.memoryten.com/pc/002577/DDR-184p-PC2100/

[1] Aten PS/2 KVM Cable 1.8m $10+S/H(USED, works and looks new)

[1] IOGEAR USB to PS/2 adapter for keyboard/mouse $10+S/H(USED, works and looks new)

[2] Foxconn 865g7mf motherboards $40ea+S/H Socket 775

[5] Celeron D processors 326 2.53 GHz Socket 775 $25ea+s/h

[1] Dynatron P37G CPU coolers for Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme, Core™ 2 Duo, Selected Pentium® D Dual-Core and Pentium® 4 socket 775 for 1U server $15ea+s/h

[4]-WD400BB 40gb HDD
[4]-PC2700 sodimm 512mb
[24]-Windows Xp Pro Sp2 OEM W/COA
[6]-PC3200 512mb DDR
[4]-Pentium M 1.6GHz
[1]-AMD Athlon Xp 3000+"Barton"
[2]-Celeron D 2.53GHz 775
[1]-Final Fantasy 7 ps1
[1]-Mini-box 200watt PSU
[1]-Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128
[1]-Motorola Surfboard cable modem SB5101
[1]Final Fantasy X(10)(used, great condition)
[1]Final Fantasy 8(used, great condition)

[3]Celeron D 755
[1]Dynatron cpu cooler 775
[2]Pc2700 SODIMM 512mb
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Jan 6, 2008
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System Name Xazax
Processor 6700k
Motherboard ASrock Fatal1ty z170
Cooling H240X
Memory 16GB DDR4 2800mhz
Video Card(s) Gtx 980ti
Storage 1TB Mushkin
Display(s) ASUS PG27 G-sync
Case Corsair Air 540
Audio Device(s) Logitech G35
Power Supply Corsair 1500w Digital
Keyboard Patriot Viper
Software Windows 10
Pictures of the products instead of links to the manufactures page would be nice :)


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Apr 1, 2008
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they're already on there. Property ownership pics. Most of the stuff is new, and im not takin it out of the box. But ive got an overview shot of everything. well almost everything. Unless I take everything out of the box, then the manufacturers site will have to work. IF I have to, I can take additional pics upon request


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Dec 11, 2006
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System Name ZeroUptime | M.A.S.S / MM1
Processor Xeon 2659 v3 / Xeon 2683 v4 / ARM A14
Motherboard Asus X99-E-10G WS / ASRock x99 usb 3.1 / Apple
Cooling NZXT Kraken / Noctua NH-L12 / Apple
Memory 16Gb DDR4 / 32Gb DDR4 / 16GB HBLM
Video Card(s) Powercooler ATI vega 64 / GT 7300 / ARM
Storage Samsung 970 512 Evo NVMe / A lot. / 256 + 512 External TB3
Display(s) Acer Predator X34 / Headless / Acer X34 Non predator
Case NZXT H630 |Rosewill 8bay 4u server chasiss / MMM1
Audio Device(s) Onboard / Onboard / Onboard
Power Supply Corais HX850 | Corsair TX750 / Internal 250w
Mouse g502 proteus core / Headless / g502 proteus core
Keyboard Corsair K95 Cherry Blue / Headless / K65 Cherry Red
Software Windows 10 / ESXI / Big Sur 11.2.2
a better list of whats available would also be nice! like what procs those are and what hdd's they are.


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Apr 11, 2006
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System Name My i7 Beast
Processor Intel Core i7 6800K
Motherboard Asus X99-A II
Cooling Nickel-plated EK Supremacy EVO, D5 with XSPC Bayres & BIX Quad Radiator
Memory 4 x 8GB EVGA SuperSC DDR4-3200
Video Card(s) EVGA 1080 SuperClocked
Storage Samsung 950 Pro 256GB m.2 SSD + 480GB Sandisk storage SSD
Display(s) Three Asus 24" VW246H LCD's
Case Silverstone TJ07
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair AX1200
Keyboard Corsair K95
Software Windows 10 x64 Pro
I sent a link to this page for a guy looking for a cheap 775 CPU.
Jun 17, 2007
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C:\Program Files (x86)\Aphexdreamer\
System Name Unknown
Processor AMD Bulldozer FX8320 @ 4.4Ghz
Motherboard Asus Crosshair V
Cooling XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 for CPU
Memory 8 GB CORSAIR Vengeance Red DDR3 RAM 1922mhz (10-11-9-27)
Video Card(s) XFX R9 290
Storage Samsung SSD 254GB and Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s
Display(s) AOC 23" @ 1920x1080 + Asus 27" 1440p
Case HAF X
Audio Device(s) X Fi Titanium 5.1 Surround Sound
Power Supply 750 Watt PP&C Silencer Black
Software Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
I think you ment 2.53Ghz not 2.53Mhz lol.