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FT: 17" Macbook Pro for 15.4" Macbook Pro or Similar Notebook + Cash

Dec 4, 2006
4,508 (1.12/day)
I know it's a long shot as I haven't seen many people here with one but figured I'd try

Specs on mine:
- 2.16GHz Core Duo
- X1600 Mobility 256MB
- 100GB 7200rpm HD
- 17" TFT @ 1680x1050
- 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 667
- Purchased Summer '06 for ~$3100, barely under 3 years remaining on AppleCare warranty
- Brand new battery
- And all the other standards for the Macbook Pro 17"
The was the fully maxed out version that could be purchased!

This thing has been kept in pristine condition, literally everything is like new, never been dropped, scratched or anything of the like. It has been transported in the following BooqBag since day one: http://www.booqbags.com/s.nl/it.A/id...&category=1090 which will be included ($90 value now, was purchased at >$100)

I'm looking to downgrade a bit more for portability as I've recently been sucked into the PC enthusiast lifestyle lol and the 17" is no longer necessary for me.

So list or PM me your offers, including as many specs on your notebook as possible including condition and preferably pics.

PM me for pics!

As for any notebook other than at 15.4" MBP, I'm thinking along the lines of Sony Vaios and the like, as long as it's contemporary in appearance and looks great I'm game

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Feb 1, 2007
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Hometown CALI, Current WI.
Processor Amd opteron socket 940 250 sledgehammer 2.4ghz x2
Motherboard amd k8t master2 far
Cooling msi k8t stock heatsinks
Memory 2x1gig random ecc ram
Video Card(s) ati x1600 512mb agp pro 8x
Storage seagate 2x200 gig hdd
Display(s) dunno
Case aprevia navigator
Audio Device(s) creative pro 5.1 sorround
Power Supply antec 500 watt psu
Software windows xp media center 2005
how much would you be selling this for?