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Futro A250 Thin Client hangs under heavy USB drive load

Oct 5, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

I've got a little problem with my newly bought Fujitsu Siemens Futro A250 Thin Client. But specs first: :)

AMD Geode 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM and external 2,5" 120 GB 5400 drive. The drive doesn't have dedicated power supply; it just has two USB plugs. The temperatures are more than good - the machine is almost cool.

On this little machine I installed Win 2003 x86 and use it as a NAS. Windows boots from the external HDD. The problem is that it hangs under heavy drive load, eg. hashing torrents or uploading files through fast ethernet (11 MB/s). It only works again after a restart. I've also run some tests with Prime95 and the CPU completed them without any crashes.

I really don't know what might be the cause of such behaviour - maybe some of you had some experiences with these machines (Futro Axx series are very all nearly the same) and experienced sth similar?

The only thing I came up with is that my pseudo-NAS needs 12 V 1,6 A PSU (but I have external HDD, which obviously also draws power, increasing the power needs of the whole system). I only have 12 V 1,5 A PSU for this machine. Might it be that the lack of 0,1 A causes these hangs? It's also worth mentioning that the PSU I have looks as it's been of poor quality - its efficiency is 70% at best.

Could you think of any other reason? Any help is much appreciated :)
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