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Future Of Aviation - Supersonic, nuclear, with lasers

Jan 31, 2005
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Oct 18, 2013
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Depends.... on where YOU are
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From under which friggin rock have these people (CNN and the designer) suddenly emerged to see their collective brief glimmers of light ?

Hypersonics is real nOw, and fusion + hybrid engines are coming to a store near you real soon, sooner than you may think :)


May 22, 2015
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More like "present of 3D rendering"...


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Oct 13, 2008
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Yeah, none of these designs are remotely practical/feasible. Look at where the windows are on them and the severe slant of the doors. The cabin space is minimal and there can't be window side seating because of the slant. And fusion powered aircraft being propelled by what looks like jet turbines? How are they going to super heat the air to accelerate the turbines without burning fuel? Turbofans are more likely to be used but even then, I'm not sure there's any electric motors up to the task of replacing jet turbines...especially where power to weight ratio is concerned. And the 11 engine car-like thing? Why? Canards are kind of useless (they are control surfaces, not lift surfaces). Wings carry the weight. It's pretty obvious none of these designs have spent time in a CAD simulated wind tunnel.

It's easy to forget that although fusion provides virtually limitless energy, it's a sun in a bottle. If you don't have significant shielding on it, it will radiate you (alpha and beta rather than the gamma of fission). Shielding is heavy. Heavy requires more lift. More lift requires bigger engines and wings. These people that drew these things just don't get it.

So what is the future? Hydrogen powered aircraft (as in hydrogen + oxygen = water -> aluminum nanoparticle catalyst = hydrogen - oxygen -> repeat). It doesn't need shielding, it's light weight, and produces a lot of power from very little fuel. I have no idea how an electric aircraft can go supersonic though. That's propulsion tech that doesn't exist and, as far as I know, has been virtually no research into because of the lack of power to drive it.
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Apr 12, 2013
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Look like anime ripoffs to me, someone should sue these copycats for all their collective net worth :shadedshu: