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G.SKILL F3-14900CL9 1866 running at 1600MHZ @ 1.67v ??

Mar 15, 2012
14 (0.01/day)
Hello guys,

i have some problem about these G.SKILL Rams. I have G.Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL (4x4GB) totally 16 GB memory.

This memory should work 1866MHz and should work with X.M.P right ? and also should work 1.5v?

So, i go to g.skill website and checked "How to Enable X.M.P on Rampage IV Extreme". Link: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=17VKzOB5CL5EtIelw5tGsj2CqjBk3O0OU5VPe6CUoFso&pli=1

I did everything right but im getting always error.

when i set xmp settings, i cant open windows. im getting error on bios and it says;

"System unstable. Your CPU Ratio may be down at 12x due to unsuitable conditions."

My rams working @ 1.67v + 1600MHz. How i can fix this :(.

Here is my system:
CPU: Intel i7-3960x 3 (no o.c-default)
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Ram: G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL x 4
BIOS Version:1101
System BIOS Date: 12/30/2011

also dimms are seated as shown as Motherboard User's Guide.

DIMM-A1: G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL
DIMM-B1: G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL
DIMM-C1: G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL
DIMM-D1: G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL

AIDA64 Output

Field Value
Memory Module Properties
Module Name G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBZL
Serial Number None
Module Size 4 GB (2 ranks, 8 banks)
Module Type Unbuffered DIMM
Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Speed DDR3-1600 (800 MHz)
Module Width 64 bit
Module Voltage 1.5 V
Error Detection Method None
DRAM Manufacturer G Skill

Memory Timings
@ 761 MHz 10-10-10-27 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 37-122-5-12-6-6 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 685 MHz 9-9-9-24 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 33-110-5-11-6-6 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 609 MHz 8-8-8-22 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 30-98-4-10-5-5 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 533 MHz 7-7-7-19 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 26-86-4-8-4-4 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 457 MHz 6-6-6-16 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 22-74-3-7-4-4 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)

Extreme Memory Profile v1.3
Profile Name Enthusiast (Certified)
Memory Speed DDR3-1866 (933 MHz)
Voltage 1.50 V

Extreme Memory Profile v1.3
Profile Name Extreme
Memory Speed DDR3-1866 (933 MHz)
Voltage 1.50 V

Memory Module Features
Auto Self Refresh Supported
Extended Temperature Range Supported
Extended Temperature Refresh Rate Not Supported
On-Die Thermal Sensor Readout Not Supported

I hope we can find some solution..

P.S: Also please do not say update bios which im not advanced user and i dont like to update bios... :(

Thank you,