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GA-EP35-DS3 (rev. 2.1) install win xp2 problem...


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Nov 7, 2008
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someone please help i hv a problem causing setup win xp2 on GA-EP35-DS3 (rev. 2.1) but i cant done it. my PC fittings:-

CPU Intel E8400 3GHz
mainboard GA-EP35-DS3 (rev. 2.1)
ram Kingmax DDR2 800MHz 1GB x2
hard disk Barracuda 7200.10 SATA 3.0Gb/s 500-GB Hard Drive a separate with 2 patition
display card GV-NX85T256H
power supply GE-P450N-C2 Superb 550

i hv few question here..

1) GA-EP35-DS3 mobo can install windows xp2 or not?

2) when xp2 file start install to hard disk must hv some file cant install to it.

3) i was try few time to install xp2 some time showing blue screen error.

4) any GA-EP35-DS3 user please instruction me how to install the win xp2 to this mainboard.

someone please help thankyou.