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GA-K8NS-939 Boot from LAN


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Jan 30, 2007
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I have a laboratory of 30 machines with GA-K8NS-939 motherboards and Athlon64 3000+ processors, and am trying to get them to boot of the LAN with PXE. These boards have Marvell Yukon 8001 LAN chips which appear to be deactivated at boot time - no link activity is present until the chip is specifically started up by a driver within an OS.

This is a problem since we need the chip to be active right at boot time, and I can therefore find no way of booting these machines via the network.

I see that in early BIOSs the "On-Chip LAN Boot ROM" option was present but noneffective in the Integrated Peripherals menu (in fact in the F6 BIOS revision there was a second option called "On-Board LAN Boot ROM" in the same menu!), but in the latest BIOS (F9, 29 Dec 2005) neither option appears - On-Chip LAN enable/disable is all that is present now. In the Boot Device Priority menu, there used to be a LAN option, which has now been replaced with "Legacy LAN". As I understand it, there should also be a "Marvell LAN" option there.

Other Gigabyte boards have not been a problem. The GA-7VM400M for example boots off the LAN with no problems. Is there a problem with the Marvell 8001 chips perhaps? Is there a way to activate their boot ROMs at startup time, or indeed do they even have boot ROMs?