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Game Statistics

Aug 17, 2008
2,188 (0.54/day)
Minnesota, USA
System Name TaichiTig
Processor 6800K @ 4.2GHz
Motherboard ASRock X99 Taichi
Memory 32GB DDR4 3200
Video Card(s) 1060 3GB
Storage 1TB 960 Evo, 1TB 850 Evo, 7x 6TB X300 in DrivePool
Display(s) BenQ PD3200U + Samsung C32HG70
Case Antec Twelve Hundred
Audio Device(s) Behringer UMC404HD, 2x JBL LSR308, Sennheiser HD558, Beyerdynamic DT-1350, Etyomic HF3
Power Supply Corsair 750TX
Mouse Logitech G502
Keyboard Deck Legend
Software Win10
What's the best way to compare the number of people playing different games?

In this case I'm particularly interested in comparing the number of people who play multiplayer CoD 4, MW2, Black Ops, and MW3.

From Steam we have the game stats page which shows only the current day's current and peak players:

From XFire we have game rankings, and for each game, a graph of the hours played per day, each day of the past month along with the users per day:

These two sets of stats aren't directly comparable and I expect each has bias (XFire toward CoD4 players, Steam toward the rest). There are other possible sources I'm not taking the time to list here, each with its problems. Is there some obvious was of getting directly comparable numbers of players for each game that I don't know about?