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GAMES on your system!!

Discussion in 'Games' started by technicks, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Wile E

    Wile E Power User

    Oct 1, 2006
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    I actually don't have anything installed, atm. Still haven't settled on my course of action, so I'm not gonna install anything for now.
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  2. Grings


    Nov 16, 2006
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    Im currently playing

    Bioshock .4 (5 if it was longer)
    2142+NS .5
    BF2+SF .5
    F.E.A.R combat .5 (i do have full game & expansion, but not installed)
    X3 reunion + mods .4 (unmodded its a bit lame, but modded its cool)
    WIC demo .4 (worthy of a 5, but im not into box dragging games much at the moment)
    Silent Hunter 4 .5
    Stalker .4.5
    M.O.H airbourne .3 (a short letdown imo)
    Quake Wars .4 -I just prefer Battlefield
    Oblivion .5 -not played in a while, i need a new (big) mod

    I also have HL2 (.5) & CSS (.3, i just never got into it) etc installed, but havent played either in ages. I just wish i'd waited until episode 2 is released before buying ep 1, it was too short, and 2 will probably be the same
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  3. MrPr3f3ct New Member

    Sep 5, 2007
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    The list is long...
    Doom 3
    Quake III Arena
    Need For Speed - Most Wanted
    Splinter Cell - Double Agent
    Tomb Raider - Anniversary
    Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
    Half-Life 2
    Half-Life 2 - Episode 1
    Lost Planet - Extreme Condition
    Team Fortress 2
    Medal Of Honor - Airborne (Demo)
    Stranglehold (Demo)
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  4. keakar


    Mar 27, 2007
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    just outside of new orleans
    i have:

    battlefield 1942
    battlefield 2
    battlefield 2142
    tomb raider - legend
    space taxi 2
    demolition racer
    starwars - starfighter
    air raid
    beach head 2002
    tiger hunt
    silent hunter 3 & 4
    need for speed - most wanted
    alien arena 2007
    star defender 4
    medal of honor - allied assault
    brothers in arms - earned in blood
    heros of the pacific
    red ace squadron pro
    medal of honor - pacific assault
    gunner 2
    doom 3
    quake 3 arena
    quake 4
    chess master 9000
    alien blast
    f.e.a.r. (the first one i think)

    i thing thats all of them but i might have forgot about something :D
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  5. Kursah

    Kursah Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2006
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    Missoula, MT, USA
    Supreme Commander - 5
    C&C 3 - 4.5
    Warhammer 40k RTS Series - 4
    Half Life 2 - 5
    HL 2 EP2 - 4.5
    Quake 4 - 4
    Doom 3 - 4
    Serious Sam 2 - 3.5
    BF2 - 4.5
    BF2142 - 4.5
    World In Conflict Demo - 4
    Bioshock Demo - 3 (demo is lame for size, game seems great though!)
    Oblivion - 4.5
    Guild Wars (first and second ones) - 5 for first one, 4.5 for first sequel
    NFS: Carbon - 3.5
    Overlord - 4
    Far Cry - 5
    Dungeon Runners - 4.5
    Titan Quest - 4

    I love games! And looking at all of these makes me wonder just how much I would save if.... well dammit I love games, don't get me started on Xbox or PS2/PS1 games either! LoL!
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  6. Frick

    Frick Fishfaced Nincompoop

    Feb 27, 2006
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    This list does not includes Demos and such things:

    Beyond Good and Evil : 3.5/5
    Superb game. I love the fact that your main "weapon" is a camera. The controls are not awesome, but good enough.

    Civilization III with all the expansion packs and a bunch of mods : 3.5/5
    Also a great game, but there are better turn based strategy games out there.. This game will eat your life. :)

    C&C The first Decade : 3/5
    One of the most amazing boxes ever done. A must have.

    Deus Ex : 4.5/5
    Just WOW. So much. One of the best games ever, STILL. It's a game I can play now and then and still be amazed. I mean, Bio
    shock is NOTHING compared to this when it comes to .. everything except graphics.

    Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom : 3.5/5
    A very good game. It's not fast, it's not fancy, but it's extremely cosy. :D

    Freelancer : 4.5/5

    Another game I can play over and over again. Blasting through empty space has never been so relaxing. :)

    Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete : 4.5/5

    It's Heroes III with coth expansions. 'Nuff said. :cool:

    Grim Fandango : 4/5
    Amazing story and characters. I'm not a fan of the controls, but that's easy to forgive when you start to unfold the story.

    Jedi Knight with expansion Mysteries of the Sith : 3.5/5
    A game containing so much fun. Also a game that's worth playing from time to time.

    Knights of the Old Republic : 4/5
    Simply put: Amazing. Amazing. Repeat over and over again until you've finished it. :)

    Knights of the Old Republic II : 3.5/5

    Not as good as the first game, but still very nice. I look forward to that mod..

    The Secret of Monkey Island : 3.5/5
    Well, the first Monkey Island is much fun. Still. :)

    Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge : 3.5/5
    More difficult but also a tad bit better. Not much though.

    The Curse of Monkey Island : 4/5
    The best game in the series IMO. :)

    The Escape from Monkey Island : 3.5/5

    Also great. :)

    Jedi Academy : 4/5

    Saber-wielding fun. :)

    Psychonauts : 4/5

    Also a lot of WOW. Very funny from time to time and a somewhat twisted story. You must love kids that say things like "It was so cool when that dudes brain blown up!" :)

    Civilization IV : 2.5/5
    I'm not sure why, but I didn't like this game so much.. Dunno why really. I MUCh rather play CivIII instead.

    Pirates! (the new game) : 3.5/5
    Also a very relaxing and cosy game. :)

    The Longest Journey : 4.5/5

    AMAZING! One of the best storys in the world. Extremely good, and quite long. Wich is good as lot's of the time is spent reading and listening to conversations. :)

    Thief II: The Metal Age : 4/5
    Open, huge levels combined with lot's of shadows makes me happy. :)

    And that's about it.. For now. :)

    EDIT: Knocked some games up a notch. Freelancer and Deus Ex. They deserve it. :)
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