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Games you wish they didnt continue

Aug 16, 2007
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i officially hate everyone on TPU all you guys hate Mortal Kombat
sure some of them have been sameish but none of them have been bad games

how dare anyone knock street fighter have you even played any of the alpha games on PS1?
have you seen the trailers for street fighter 4?

you guys are stupid and how can you even dare to say KOTOR is the only exception xwing vs tie fighter series of games was cool so was the jedi knight series

some of you guys dont know a good game if it slapped you in the face!!!

ill admit settlers became crap after 4 but if any of you guys dare say civilization series ill leave TPU i wouldnt want to be part of a community that ignorant and stupid

star wars republic commando was cool
Aug 22, 2008
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Fable. I went there. Fable TLC was as far as it should have gone. It fixed their blatant crap job done with the first release so its definately the high point of the series. Fable 2 is akin to licking butter out of a dog's rectum.


Overclocking Surrealism
Sep 15, 2008
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God of War... It's boring

Final Fantasy needs to keep going but it needs less Japanese clothing design and more character development/masculine figures who don't cry so damn much +more moogles & Cid.

Halo - I don't care. Crysis took a good idea (power suits)and allowed you to do more with the power suit = win.

Grand Theft Auto - I don't see the point in them keeping the title.

The Sims - People who play this should have as much fun going to the bathroom or taking a shower {{edit}}IRL{{edit}}. (They usually forget to do the 2nd one)

Fighters that are not intended for tournament play. If I can't be competitive with every character then the game is useless.

Wii Games... That system is only as cool as the controller and the controller just is NOT for console gaming.

Final Fantasy VII - It wasn't that good, stop making side games/stories for it.

Unreal Tournament - Quake has been so much better throughout the years.

Rock Band - Continually gives less than the Guitar Hero games and forces me to buy them to confirm this.
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