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Gaming HeadSet selection


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Dec 8, 2019
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I am at most a casual gamer and a music lover, and, after 5 years of use, my Genesis Natec H59 broke. They where good enough for me at the time but I decided to get something better, and this was a good reason.
At last, I have to decide between 4 of them. In my country they are at the same price@ 100$. So we have the Logitech G Pro, the G635 , the HS60 or the Cloud II. I do care about music, some competitive games and that's all. I do not work with audio sensitive stuff so accuracy should be just for my enjoyment.

Of yes, I forgot, any good suggestion is well taken(;.
Jun 7, 2019
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System Name Times Killer
Processor Ryzen 9 3900X
Motherboard MSI B450-A Pro rev. 2.0
Cooling arctic freezer 33 TR4
Memory 2x 8gb Corsair 3200 mhz LPX for Ryzen @ 3733mhz 16-16-16-38
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX 1070Ti ACX 3.0 +223/455 / Asus Strix Vega 56 Gaming OC 1630/900 1120 mw
Storage 2 X 1TB WD's 1X 4gb WB red 1x LG GH22NS70 DVD-RAM Drive
Display(s) HP Omen X 27
Case Corsair Obsidian 750D W/ airflow kit
Audio Device(s) SoundblasterX AE-5 / Asus Xonar DX
Power Supply Carsair 850-M
Mouse Logitech Proteus spectrum G502
Keyboard Logitech G213 Prodigy
Software Windows 10 home
i have a cloud alpha and i like it.


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Nov 26, 2004
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Canuck in Norway
System Name Hellbox 3.0(same case new guts)
Processor i7 4790K 4.6
Motherboard Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark 1
Cooling TT Kandalf L.C.S.(Water/Air)AC Cuplex Kryos CPU Block/Noctua
Memory 2x8GB Corsair Vengance Pro 2400
Video Card(s) Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64
Storage WD Caviar Black SATA 3 1TB x2 RAID 0 2xSamsung 850 Evo 500GB RAID 0 1TB WD Blue
Display(s) Samsung CGH70 27” 1440 144hz Freesync 2 HDR
Case TT Kandalf L.C.S.
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster ZX/Logitech Z906 5.1
Power Supply Seasonic X-1050W 80+ Gold
Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum
Keyboard G19s
Software Win 10 Pro x64
Cloud II. Great bang for the buck and come with extra Velour ear cups(I hate pleather)If you use onboard sound the USB DAC is very good
Oct 10, 2019
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System Name NoirJazz
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Motherboard Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi
Cooling Corsair ML120
Memory 16GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo
Video Card(s) Zotac GTX 1070ti
Storage XPG SX8200 1TB
Display(s) LG 34UC79G
Case Cooler Master NR600
Power Supply Corsair RM650
Mouse Logitech G Pro Wireless
Keyboard Corsair K65
Check out the Massdrop Sennheiser PC37x, great comfort, good sounds.
I think they will give you a free $10 coupon once sign up to the newsletter.
Feb 19, 2006
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System Name POS built from new and used parts from everywhere in pieces cheap
Processor Amd Ryzen R5 3600X $180 used off Ars
Motherboard Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming $130 off Amazon
Cooling Thermaltake UX200 $40 Amazon, never buy 4 if u have 2 remove it, it WILL rip your cpu out with it!
Memory 32gb (16x2) Patriot Viper 2400MHZ clocked at 3000MHZ $49 Each on Amazon
Video Card(s) AMD RX 580 4gig $90 shipped off Eblay
Storage 1 tb ssd, 1 tb spinner, 3 tb spinner, 5 tb spinner, 256gb ssd
Display(s) TCL 43s425 4K TV $225 at Best Buy and a darn good tv IMO, better then the sammy 7100 I replaced with
Case NZXT H510 $50 at Bargain Hunt
Audio Device(s) Sony STR-DE897 Onkyo TN-RZ810 Denon AVR-1910 Denon AVR-2808Ci Denon AVR-S530BT DCM KX12 Series 2
Power Supply Corsair RM1000x Modular Got refurbished for $85 Shipped on Amazon
Mouse Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro Wireless $45 at Amazon new/used from the 90's full mechanical
Keyboard Cheap Gofreetech Mechanical I got for $16 off Eblay
Software Windows 10 Pro Bought key for $20 off HRK
Benchmark Scores It does something, plays games and stuff, do I really need to whip out my score penis at you?
Check out my thread here on the Logitech G633's and how to get the most out of them: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/razer-tiamat-7-1-v2-and-logitech-artemis-g633-933-with-realtek-set-up.263062/

You can get the G633's for around $35 shipped on ebay, or the Razer's for $80 and above if you do a little searching. I have both, and after the tweaks I mention in my thread would recomend both, but my favorite atm is the Razers, but dont listen to the reviews, do as mentioned and they will kick all forms of butt ;)

The differences between the 633 and 635 is on the 635 lack of Dolby Digital, which in the hub sucks imo, to much un needed echo added, but the 635's have 50mm drivers where the 633's have 40, but again if you try what I wrote with them, the 633's get more then enough bass and then some to not warrant paying much more for 10mm more, again, IMO.