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Gas Power Games Will Close Down If KickStarter Fails!

Feb 18, 2006
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idk I'm still having a hard time seeing the relevance of a publisher in 2013.

they look like cable companies grasping at a market that doesn't want what they have to offer.

with online distribution channels so easily accessed the only thing that a publisher brings to the table is funding. (marketing these days is much much cheaper than it used to be, plus most of the time it comes with the distribution service)

they are not the only source of it, and really any other outlet wouldn't be so "handsy" plus to take that kind of cut off the top, it doesn't seem worth while at all to use one.

we're in the middle of a major transition in how we get all of our entertainment. The mobile market has proven itself to be far better for both users and content creators alike. The reason is cost and convenience.

a mobile variant is always cheaper AND you can view the content anywhere rather than just at home.

getting your content out there is much cheaper for a developer and they get more of the cut than they do in traditional publishing. Also you remain mostly independent (although dependent on a third party distribution, you get to control your content, when you launch it, etc).Which means that in the case of THQ, you wouldn't have to worry about going down with the ship unless you're the thing causing it to sink (in which case business managers are cheap now, tons of people are desperate for any job to help them pay off their mba)

Right now what I see is publishers trying to get a choke hold on the market before it slips through their fingers...unless your name is activision, it doesn't appear to be working.
Feb 24, 2009
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I didn't like any of their games so they can close their doors for all I care. There I said it.
Apr 16, 2011
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coventry UK
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funding has been cancelled.


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Feb 6, 2007
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