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GeForce 7800 GTX Full Specs Revealed


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Jun 15, 2005
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Perhaps not as exciting to some of our young viewers as the release of NVIDIA's new pixel model, Luna; none the less this is far more tangible for all of you. The Inquirer is reporting that NVIDIA's new graphics card, G70, now known as the GeForce 7800 GTX, will be carrying with it a the following specs:

  • 110nm Die Process
  • 302 Million Transistors - Biggest chip ever built for graphics use.
  • 430MHz Core Clock
  • 1200MHz Memory Clock w/ 256bit GDDR3 Interface
  • 24 Pixels Per Clock
  • 8 Vertex Shader Units
  • Peak Fill Rate: 6.88 Billion/second
  • Peak Power Consumption: 100-110w
  • 3DMark05 Score: Approximately 7700-7800 3dmarks

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