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General Nonsense?



OK, I know this has been discussed extensively. It's just that it was something that was going on around the time I joined and I didn't pay much attention to it.

So I apologize for asking, but here's my question. I've already signed up at General Nonsense and post there from time to time. I had assumed that the GN section here was closed except for existing threads. But it seems that new threads have been started since the change over. When I try to start one though it says that Im not authorized.

So is the GN section here limited to a certain class of users or is something else wrong?

Aug 22, 2008
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What you're seeing is off topic / incorrectly categorized threads getting funneled into GN here.

So if someone posts Alyssa Milano pictures in General Hardware, if it isn't outright deleted, its moved to General Nonsense here. It's basically being used as a catch basin.


Ahhh. So to mere mortals it would appear as if the thread started there.