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Genius or idiot? SSD?

Mar 10, 2010
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Memory Corsair vengeance 32Gb @1333 cas9
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Storage samsung 840(250), WD 1Tb+2Tb +3Tbgrn 1tb hybrid
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Power Supply corsair 1000Rmx
Mouse CM optane
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Software Win 10 Pro
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Hi , I have a question id like some views on.:)

my ssd has been going strong for a year and a bit ,its a revo x2 120gig, but im noticeing its very heavily fragmented, probably not helped by me regularily benching it and the system.

anyway after reading MM's thread, i thought of a way to backup ie system image the pcs 2x main drives , ive then re attached the backup of my SSD via storage tools (its technically a VHD) and im defragementing this backup copy.

I will then do a wipe and clean of the ssd as MM discribes , then reimage my now stable and setup jus so pc with the defraged backup , thereby haveing a clean ish ssd with a nicely laid out file system(for a bit) , these dont have trim so i think it might do some good, as some benches are now telling me storage tests are failing on the ssd due to low space and heavy fragmentation, opinions?:D genius or idiot?

also at the same time my ssd's got its orig bios and dosnt show up quite right in mobo bios so ill be flashing an updated bios to it:)


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Dec 21, 2011
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I did similar when installing my SSD (load on HDD and transfer to SSD) and it worked great.

Planning to do same when I need to do a fresh install or if I see a performance drop in the SSD. The transfer to/from the SSD was quick with the external drive I used.

I bumped the thread I started on it because I couldn't locate it in this section of the forum???