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Get a Head Start on Microsoft DirectX 10 with ATI's Newest SDK


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Nov 7, 2004
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With the introduction of the latest software development kit (SDK), ATI Technologies Inc. is giving developers and artists the tools to fully leverage the power of unified shaders and the graphics processing unit (GPU) and a sneak peek at the possibilities of the future Microsoft DirectX 10. With forward looking techniques like shadow volume extrusion and streaming out of animation data, the SDK has more than a dozen new samples of what could be possible with DirectX 10 and empowers developers to start creating the kind of breakthrough content the industry saw at the advent of DirectX 9. This latest SDK from ATI shows developers how they can best tap into this technology to incorporate techniques such as water simulation, inverse kinematics and simple collision detection.
ATI's GPUs are incredibly powerful and have the ability to perform powerful tasks such as physics that give developers a greater range of realism and sophistication for their games.
With news like this, I can almost smell that the next ATI GPU will have integrated PhysX instruction.

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Jan 24, 2006
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in fact! ATi already has this in some sort of way..
when u have 2 cards.. like X1900 and X1600, u can let the X1600 do the physics and X1900 do the graphics.. ATi has already shown it and a single X1900 can also do 10% physics and 90% graphics.. :D


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Jan 18, 2006
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Here dawneth the age of dual GPU cards with a gig of ram and a generator to power them.