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Getac Upgrades Versatile S400 Semi-Rugged Laptop Computer

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Cristian_25H


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    Getac Inc., a leading manufacturer of rugged computers, announced today that it has upgraded nearly every feature of its popular S400 semi-rugged laptop, including speed, performance, sunlight readability and connectivity. Already boasted as one of the most rugged semi-rugged laptops manufactured, the S400 combines high-performance with the ruggedness needed to perform in harsh and demanding environments typically experienced by military, utility, police, fire and field service personnel.

    The increased performance of the upgraded Getac S400 begins with a third-generation Intel Core processor, offered in two options including the powerful i5-3320M vPro processor. Clocking in at 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.3 GHz, the S400 semi-rugged laptop performs up to 91% faster than the previous generation and has the power needed for the most demanding tasks — from intricate mapping to live video processing and license plate recognition.¹ Hyper-Threading technology, designed to enhance performance by allowing each processor core to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, is included in every S400.


    The brilliant 14" display is now even brighter. Available with an 800 NITS QuadraClear display with glove-friendly multi-touch touch, the S400 can be easily viewed in direct sunlight. The Intel HD Graphics, now integrated directly into the processor, providing nearly 300% graphics performance gain. The S400 can also be configured with ATi E6760 discrete graphics featuring 1 GB of dedicated memory for even greater frames per second with incredible responsiveness.

    "We designed the S400 with the goal of creating the most rugged laptop in the semi-rugged category," explains Jim Rimay, president of Getac. "With the faster processors, improved graphics and enhanced security features, the S400 is the most powerful and versatile semi-rugged computer we've made."

    To increase versatility and security, the S400 can now be configured with a 13.56 MHz contactless SmartCard/RFID reader. The S400 has surpassed the most rigid tests for rugged performance and incorporates several features essential for unwavering functionality and protection in the field. For starters, the S400 semi-rugged laptop's rugged features include a water-resistant keyboard with optional backlit keys, IP5X, and MIL-STD 810G compliance for temperature, shock, and vibration. And, the optional integrated 4G LTE wireless or 3G Gobi mobile broadband technology allows remote workers to stay connected everywhere they go.

    The outer construction of the S400 body is comprised of Getac's KryptoShell body material, which allows the notebook to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G temperature, shock, and vibration specifications - including a 3 foot drop on six faces and -4°F-140°F operating temperature. The island-style keyboard features individually isolated keys designed to reduce damage from rough use. And, while competing semi-rugged notebooks will throttle down the CPU to as little as 36% to avoid overheating, the advanced thermal design of the S400 allows it to maintain over 89% performance even at 140°F.

    Other changes include the upgrade to Bluetooth 4.0, three USB 3.0 ports, a standard 500 GB hard drive or optional solid-state drive up to 256 GB and a higher capacity 8700 mAh battery. Additionally, programmable hot keys can be custom set to trigger common actions or act as emergency keys for safety applications. The new Getac S400 semi-rugged laptop starts at $1,699 MSRP2 and will begin shipping in December.
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    "The new Getac S400 semi-rugged laptop starts at $1,699 MSRP2"

    I remember contacting one of these companies about pricing for one of these "rugged" laptops and the prices were insane. I can see lots of tax payers dollars paying for these though, most of the time I only see police officers with laptops like these.
  3. Winston_008


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    Reminds me of the late 90's and what laptops used to look like then.
  4. CBRworm

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    That is a pretty good price for a rugged laptop. I don't know anything about those particular machines, but there is a reason you typically see Police/EMS using ultra-rugged, ultra-expensive equipment - typically Panasonic Toughbooks. If you gave them a commercial laptop you would need to give them a pile of spares, which while the lower cost might be appealing initially, when you calculate the cost of down time waiting for spares to be deployed and the cost of managing spares, the initial cost of rugged gear suddenly makes sense.
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    Which is not a bad thing imo. :D
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