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Getting a headset..

Jan 15, 2009
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Few years ago i got my Philips SHP2500 headphones for about 30$. Now as i'm kinda gaming more and more i'm in the need of a headset. I was thinking that now that few years has passed and things would be like twice as cheap i would get a really magnificent headset for about 50$ - turns out this is not the deal at all.

So i was looking around stuff to buy for a reasonable price in my country (Estonia) - but there doesn't seem to be any. Razer Barracuda HP-1 GamingHeadset - 160$ ; Speedlink Medusa Home Edition 5.1 - 150$ ; Both Speedlink Medusa 5. 1 Progamer and Mobila editions - 125$ ; .

The thing that seems the best is Speed Link Meduse 5.1 ProGamer Edition. Now there are few questions about it:

1. Would you recommend anything else?

2. What's the biggest difference between ProGamer and Mobile edition(+ Home) beside different cords?

3. Does my GIGABYTE 965P-DS3 support 5.1? Should i get the Mobile or ProGamer version.

4. How do i alternate between headset and speakers? I need to get behind the box and take out all the wires and then just add the speaker's wire?