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Gigabyte 3070 Gaming OC - what does the OC switch do?


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Aug 7, 2020
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I recently bought a Gigabyte 3070 Gaming OC after reading TechPowerUps review on it. But I'm at a bit of a loss as to what the OC switch actually does? I ran HW Info during a 3d Mark run which pushed the GPU to 100% but the only difference is slighly lower fan speed with the "Silent" switch (1687 vs 2071). That's it. No drop in performance, no drop in voltage, nothing. Actually in AC Valhalla there was even a slight increase in average FPS (74 vs 71).
So what does it effect, exactly? I can't find any documentation on what the OC Switch does at all? I'm starting to think this may have been accidentally flashed to identical BIOS ( with GPU 1500Mhz / 1815 boost and Mem 1750) for both?


Nov 3, 2020
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System Name Self-built
Processor AMD R5 3600
Motherboard AsRock B450M Pro4
Cooling BeQuiet!, Silverstone, Artic
Memory 16GB: Corsair CMK16GX4M2D3600C18
Video Card(s) Gigabyte Eagle RTX3070
Storage WD Black m.2 mvne 1TB, WD HDD 6TB
Display(s) LG 27GN950
Case DeepCool E-Shield
Audio Device(s) Behringer DEQ2496, DCX2496, A500. etc
Power Supply Seasonic Core GM-650SRM
Software Linux Mint + Windows10 pro
Benchmark Scores Not worthy of attention
Hi, nice to see another Gigabyte RTX3070 owner - I have the cheapest variant - the Eagle non-OC, but it can happily be set upto 1500/1883 boost, mem 1929 for short durations, though I dial it back for normal use, so I actually think its using the same silicon as the OC variants.

Not sure what your switch does: I had heard that it simply reduces fan speed (for Silent) and increases it (for 'normal'). Of course, temps go up for Silent, and down for 'normal'. Personally, I find Gigabyte has done an excellent job of keeping temps under control: it's zero fan speed at default (browsing) levels, and my card hardly ever goes above 65C at 100%.