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GigaByte GA-Z77-D3H which RAM


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Nov 27, 2012
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System Name Jimbos Slow n Steady
Processor Dual P4 3.0 Ghz
Motherboard Intel D102GGC2
Cooling Factory Air
Memory 2 GB
Video Card(s) GeForce GTS 450 ZOTAC ZT-40503-10L
Storage 500G SATA
Display(s) 23" Acer
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply Silencer Mk II 750W
Software XP SP3
Benchmark Scores Blew past three AMD's in my day!!
I just purchased the GA-Z77-D3H mobo with i5-3570K IvyBridge and now need to purchase RAM for it. Money is tight, but I want something reliable. I see many statements about mobos having issues with memory A or B or…. How do you pick RAM knowing it will work in a mobo. I see prices from $70 to over $200 for 4sticks of 4G (I want to install all the RAM I’ll ever need now, as I don’t want to add more later and risk cracking a brittle aging board.)

From GigaBytes 5 page “Qualified Vendor List”
found sources for less than half of the part numbers. Don’t understand which letter suffixes I can ignore or not. The following statement makes me wonder how accurate the list actually is. “Memory modules listed below are for reference only. Due to massive memory models on the market, we can only verify some of them”

I emailed GigaByte tech support asking which memory played BEST with their board when using the 3570K and 4x4G DIMMS, but never heard back.

As I don’t anticipate doing any overclocking, will basically anything newegg or other reputable retailer carry be sufficient? Assuming rated at DDR3 1600

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks