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GIGABYTE X670E and X670 AORUS Motherboard Lineup Detailed


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Oct 9, 2007
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GIGABYTE today showed off its upcoming AMD X670E and X670 chipset-based Socket AM5 motherboard lineup for the Ryzen 7000-series "Zen 4" desktop processors due to launch in September. Given AMD's push for PCI-Express Gen 5 connectivity beyond just the PEG slot, the new X670E chipset, with multiple Gen 5 M.2 slots, covers the upper end of the GIGABYTE AORUS motherboard series, with the X670E AORUS Xtreme and the X670E AORUS Master. The lower-end of the lineup is based on the X670, with the AORUS Pro and AORUS Elite tiers.

Both the X670E and X670 offer at least one PCI-Express 5.0 x16 slot (which can be further split into two x8 Gen 5 slots); and at least one PCI-Express 5.0 x4 M.2 NVMe slot wired to the AM5 processor. The X670E is differentiated in having an additional Gen 5 M.2 slot that is wired to the SoC, besides downstream Gen 5 PCIe connectivity from the chipset. The AORUS Xtreme leads the pack with a monstrous 18-phase VRM that uses 105 A DrMOS, an 8-layer PCB, four Gen 5 M.2 slots, the highest-grade onboard audio with ESS-made headphones DAC, AQuantia 10 GbE, WiFi 6E, and a plethora of overclocker-friendly features.

The X670E AORUS Master is the second-best from the GIGABYTE stable, with a 16-phase VRM that uses the same 105 A DrMOS as the AORUS Xtreme, two Gen 5 M.2 slots instead of four on the AORUS Xtreme; 2.5 GbE instead of 10 GbE, and a purely Realtek ALC1220-based onboard audio solution. A step down from here, and you get the X670 AORUS Pro AX, with its 6-layer PCB, a 16-phase VRM that uses 90 A DrMOS, a single Gen 5 M.2 slot wired to the SoC, 2.5 GbE and WiFi 6E; but a based ALC897-based onboard audio. The most affordable board of the lot is the X670 AORUS Elite AX, with its 16-phase VRM that uses 70 A power stages, a similar expansion slot loadout to the AORUS Pro AX, and interestingly, an AMD-MediaTek made WiFi 6E solution (the others in the series use an Intel AX210. The finer specs follow.

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Jan 4, 2013
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Wonder how easy its going to be to remove graphicscards with those top M2 covers? But I do like the new Master - a bit to much :D
Aug 3, 2022
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Quite interesting TBH :)
Jul 5, 2019
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Why this obsession with M.2 drive slots? 4 of them in a MB? Woah.
May 11, 2018
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I wouldn't buy a motherboard with just 2 M2 slots. I already have 2 PCIe 4 drives, and even if I wouldn't plan to buy a PCIe 5 one right away, I'd still rather buy a MB where I could use at least 3 M2 drives.

Is Gigabyte back after the large hack in last year? They were largely "missing in action" since then, and late with their Bios updates. Back in May 2022 they even deleted their official forum - which wasn't that much of a help, but still.
Jun 20, 2022
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Only professionals need gen 5 m.2 slots. For gaming even gen 3 should do the job. Direct access might change this but I doubt we will see it in the near future, until then you pay a decent premium on something that will not provide much if at all any benefit.
Feb 23, 2012
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I'm hoping that we'll see itx board with 10G this time. But seeing only the top atx board gets it I don't have much hope for one that's less than 250€ :/

2.5G will soon be as fast if not slower than top wifi speed (wifi 7 + same room as the access point)
Apr 8, 2008
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I like the idea of them, SATA SSDs are the same price so why not get m2 instead they take less space and no extra cables.
But you get a larger motherboard instead, for a long time before M.2, mATX and smaller was enough for all the features. But since we got mor M.2 slots there's a need for larger motherboards just for them.
Jan 15, 2012
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Less and less for an ever-increasing price! If you gave it to me, I wouldn't have it and I would exchange it for a model that has at least 2 useful PCI E slots that support CF or SLI. Motherboards are becoming more and more useless for upgrades and I have more upgrade options on my old model than on this three times more expensive EXTRIME model. EXTREMELY small chances for a lot of money, it would be better to call your best gigabyte model. I miss the days when gigabyte offered good motherboards .
Jan 31, 2019
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But you get a larger motherboard instead, for a long time before M.2, mATX and smaller was enough for all the features. But since we got mor M.2 slots there's a need for larger motherboards just for them.
It is a compromise, but we have choices, e.g. Mortar and Tomahawk.
May 13, 2015
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...and every last one of them has WIFI weapon garbage. With the plating it's impossible to tell if the WIFI weapon chips are removable. Oh, queue the "you're a conspiracy theorist!" comments in a world dominated by criminals.

This is a shame as I've had three Gigabyte motherboards that ran rock solid right through to the last day I used them and then did system rebuilds to newer sockets.