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Gigaworks G500 or Logitech Z5500

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by twicksisted, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. twicksisted


    Oct 4, 2007
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    Hey guys...

    Out of the Creative gigaworks G500 or Logitech Z5500 which would you choose?
    I want to use it on my main gaming rig to play games / movies etc... wall mount them easily and have good quality sound...
  2. Specsaver New Member

    Aug 17, 2005
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    Hi twicksisted,

    See pros and cons for both and my comments below, hope this helps. I heard both G500 and and Z5500 but do not own these models. I can read specs well tho and had other Logitech and Creative speakers in the past.


    - more linear frequency response (note that power rating is given for a range of frequencies and not just one value selected to guarantee best=highest results)
    - lower price
    - balanced sound
    - no digital inputs
    - only a wired remote control

    - digital connectivity
    - higher power rating
    - wireless remote control
    - less balanced sound
    - quite common z5500 fuse blowing issues
    - average DACs

    Small differences in power rating do not make much difference in loudness, actually, considering we hear logarithmically and power rating is linear. If you do not get me - take this for granted: you need 10x more RMS power to make sound twice as loud (this is plain physics, no BS). With the power rating difference between these two sets the loudness difference is theoretically only about 16% (calculated using total RMS power, ignore "total peak power" rating - this is BS) Anyway - at their maximum volume / power consumption both sets will have up to 10% THC in other words they will be distorting audibly enough for you to turn the volume down. Note that 3% THC is acceptable rating. Power rating quoted at 10% THC is actually useless but gives you a higher RMS power number which is supposed to impress you as a prospective buyer. (Are You Impressed?)

    You might want digital connectivity if your source is relatively poor but has digital out (e.g. onboard audio with optical out) or there is a risk of interference. But keep in mind sound is analog, amplifier is analog, so digital signal has to be converted into analog somewhere, Z5500 actually do not use awesome DACs so if your source (a CD player, a sound card) uses a better DAC then going digitally would rather deteriorate sound.

    I would rather recommend Gigaworks speakers for their balanced, higher quality sound and lesser risk of fuse blowing issues but you might want to choose else if you need digital connectivity or need a wireless remote control. Myself I prefer better value solutions and try not to be hooked by power rating claims and "digital sound" hype.
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