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Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

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Dec 21, 2011
13,805 (4.23/day)
System Name My Fortress/Julia (WCG)/Trish (WCG)/Ella (WCG)/Junior (WCG)/4P (WCG)/Kreij (WCG)/Trish02 (WCG)
Processor Ryzen 1700X/Ryzen 1700X/Ryzen 1700/Ryzen 1600X/Ryzen 1800X/Opteron 6168x4/FX-8350/Ryzen 1800X
Motherboard X370 Taichi/A320 Pro-VHL/B350 M/B350 M/AB350 K4/SuperMicro 4P/ASUS 990X/ Asrock X370 mITX
Cooling NH-D14/SNH-U14S/Scythe Mugen5/Scythe Mugen 5/NH-U14S/CM 212+ (x4)/Xig DK Nighthawk/Scythe Mugen 5
Memory 16GB GSkill TridentZ-3200 (1700X), 16GB GSkill FlareX-2400 (1800X),... various...., 4P- 16x1GB
Video Card(s) RX 580/HD 7770/HD 4670/GTX 1080/8400GS/onboard/GTX 1080/HD 7870
Storage WD 500GB SSD/Seagate 2TB SSHD, .... misc...
Display(s) Dual Dell Ultrasharp U2414H
Case Silverstone FT01B/Corsair 230T/Versa H15/Silverstone FT05/Define R4/custom/Tt P3 open/Define XL r2
Audio Device(s) on board (All)
Power Supply Corsair HX850/CS650M/Focus Gold 650/EVGA P2 850/HX 650/X Gold 1050/M12 II 750/X Gold 750
Mouse Logitech G300s
Keyboard Thermaltake Challenger Prime (Great for $30!!!)
Software Win 10 Pro (Fortress), Win 10 Pro (Ella02), Ubuntu for everything else
Benchmark Scores Why sit on the Bench when you can get in the game and Crunch!!!
My 49th birthday is coming up soon :fear: and I'm going to celebrate it by giving a TPU member a $50 gift* to get in on the Steam Summer Sale.

Due to the awesome response I have decided to add an additional $50 Steam gift!


- TPU member in good standing prior to May 1, 2017
- have a minimum of 50 posts
- post in this thread stating- I'm in!
- Share what you plan on doing this Summer
share a favorite summer story

*Note- gift will be in the form of a Steam gift card/code, Paypal gift, or other format (dependent on winners locale)

Winner will be selected this Sunday evening (6/25) at around 8pm (Eastern US)

Good Luck everyone!!! :toast:

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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
Oct 13, 2008
26,147 (5.90/day)
System Name BY-2015
Processor Intel Core i7-6700K (4 x 4.00 GHz) w/ HT and Turbo on
Motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING M7
Cooling Scythe Kotetsu
Memory 2 x Kingston HyperX DDR4-2133 8 GiB
Video Card(s) Sapphire Radeon RX 5500 XT Pulse 8 GiB
Storage Crucial MX300 275 GB, Seagate Exos X12 TB 7200 RPM
Display(s) Nixeus NX-EDG274K (3840x2160@144 DP) + Samsung SyncMaster 906BW (1440x900@60 HDMI-DVI)
Case Coolermaster HAF 932 w/ USB 3.0 5.25" bay
Audio Device(s) Realtek ALC1150, Micca OriGen+
Power Supply Enermax Platimax 850w
Mouse SteelSeries Sensei RAW
Keyboard Tesoro Excalibur
Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Benchmark Scores Faster than the tortoise; slower than the hare.
I'm in!

Playing games, of course! :D
Oct 17, 2012
9,247 (3.12/day)
System Name Americas cure is the death of Social Justice & Political Correctness
Processor i5 8600k
Motherboard Asrock Z370 Extreme 4
Cooling Corsair H-110i GTX
Memory 2x 4Gb Crucial Sport LT
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 980 Gaming
Storage Samsung 850 evo 250Gb
Display(s) Dell Ultra Sharp Widescreen 24" 1200P
Case Fractal Design Meshify-C
Power Supply Seasonic Focus+ 750 Gold
Mouse Logitech G502 spectrum
Keyboard AZIO MGK-1 RGB (Kaith Blue)
Software Win 10 Professional 64 bit
Mar 20, 2008
834 (0.18/day)
System Name Raptor
Processor Core i7 3930K@4.0Ghz
Cooling Noctua NH-D14
Memory 4*4GB Gskil RipjawsDDR3 @2133MHz 1.6v
Video Card(s) MSI DUKE RTX 2070 super
Storage Vertex 3 SSD 120GB + SanDisk Ultra II 480GB +1TB seagate
Display(s) ACER-H243HX 24"
Case HAF-X
Audio Device(s) on board Realtek
Power Supply Corsair 850HX
Software Windows 10 & 7 dual boot .
I'm in!

Learning Blender and playing games this summer.

Thank you.
Feb 11, 2012
1,484 (0.46/day)
Anchorage Alaska
System Name Matter's / Helios 300 Predator
Processor Ryzen 7 2700 / i7 7700HQ
Motherboard B450 Tomahawk / Acer Helios 300 Predator
Cooling Arctic Freezer eSports Duo
Memory Patriot Viper ddr4 32gb / 32gb gskill ddr4
Video Card(s) MSI RTX 2080 Super Ventus OC / GTX 1060 6gb
Storage Patriot Viper nvme M2, crucial MX300 275gb, Samsung 860 qvo 1tb
Display(s) Acer 24" 1080p / 15.6 1080p HD
Case Antec 300 / Acer Helios 300 Predator
Audio Device(s) On Board - Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless Cans
Power Supply Antec 850watt high current pro
Mouse Steel series Rival 600
Keyboard Corsair K70 / Acer Helios 300 Predator
Software Win 10 Pro / Win 10 Home
I'm in :)
My summer plans are vacation back home to Ohio and plenty of Fishing for Halibut and Cod, and the occassional Salmon if jumps on my line ;)
Apr 7, 2009
343 (0.08/day)
Valencia, Venezuela
System Name Tropicaliente | Digger | A515-43-R19L
Processor FX-6300 | Q6600 | R3 3200U
Motherboard ASRock 970 Extreme 4 | Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 | Grumpy_PK
Cooling EVGA CLC120 | OCZ Vendetta | Stock
Memory 16GB DDR3-1600 | 8GB DDR3-1333 | 12GB DDR4-2666
Video Card(s) PowerColor RX-570 4GB Red Dragon | HIS HD5670 1GB IceQ | Vega 3
Storage 256GB SSD (OS) + 512GB SSD (Games) + 500GB + 2TB + 4TB | 80GB + 320GB | 128GB NVME
Display(s) Asus VN247H-P | KVM USB Switch | 15.6" FHD
Case Antec ONE | Generic Black
Audio Device(s) on board + Logitech Z623 | on board | on board
Power Supply Cooler Master GX-650 | Antec VP-450
Mouse MS Wired Desktop 600
Keyboard MS Wired Desktop 600
Software Win 10 x64 Pro | XCP-ng 8.1: XOA, pfSense, RouterOS, FreeNAS, Zabbix | Win 10 x64 Home


Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
Nov 11, 2008
10,107 (2.30/day)
System Name Dean Machine/2020 Ryzenfall
Processor Intel 4790K/AMD Ryzen 3700X
Motherboard MSI 1150 Gaming mATX/Gigabyte AORUS ELITE B550
Cooling Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED/SilverStone AH240 AIO
Memory 16 gigs Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer/16 gigs G.Skill TridentZ NEO DDR4
Video Card(s) R9-290X/Gigabyte GTX 1660
Storage Crucial SSD 256 and 2TB spinner/Dual Samsung 980 Pro M2 NVME 4.0
Display(s) Overlord 27" 2560 x 1440
Case Corsair Air 540
Audio Device(s) On board
Power Supply Seasonic modular 850 watt Platinum/EVGA T2-850 Titanium
Software Windows 10 Pro/Windows 10 Pro
Oh man!!!! You are amazing and never cease to amaze me, bro!!!!!!!!!

Well..................I'm In!!!!!!!!

Summer............My very favorite time of the year! Warm days and lovely nights here. One of my favorite summers was the year my wife and I met. We enjoyed many of the same things and did a ton of camping, including a week long camping trip
with some of our best friends now. We fished, hiked, camped, and completely enjoyed that entire summer!!!!!
May 18, 2011
850 (0.24/day)
Processor Ryzen 3700X
Motherboard ASRock X370 Killer/AC SLI
Cooling Cryorig H7
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000
Video Card(s) EVGA RTX 2070 Ultra SC
Storage Crucial MX500 1TB, Crucial MX500 1TB, Toshiba X300 4TB, Toshiba X300 6TB
Case Fractal Design Definse S
Power Supply EVGA Supernova 650 G3
Mouse Logitech Pro
Keyboard Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Silent w/red LED
Software Win 10 Pro
I'm in. Thanks for holding the giveaway. I plan on playing a lot of computer games this summer of course. ;)
Apr 15, 2009
2,909 (0.69/day)
System Name N/A
Processor i7-4790K
Motherboard Asus Z97-A
Cooling Thermalright True Power 140
Memory 2 x 8GB GeIL Potenza 2400Mhz
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 970 Gaming
Storage 2TB Seagate Barracuda
Display(s) 24" Samsung 1080p LED Monitor
Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro
Power Supply Corsair TX650W
Mouse Logitech MX518
Keyboard Corsair K70 (Brown MX)
Software Windows 8.1
Nov 3, 2013
1,907 (0.74/day)
Processor Ryzen 3200G
Motherboard X570 I Aorus Pro
Cooling Stock
Memory 2 x 8GB 3200 CL16
Video Card(s) RX 470 Nitro+ 4GB
Storage 860Evo SATA 250GB
Display(s) AOC 24G2U
Mouse G703
Keyboard Apex m500 (red)
Software W10
I'm in!
Playing games and looking for a part time job here in Tokyo.
Maybe learn some more Japanese. Maybe...
Jan 24, 2006
444 (0.08/day)
West Chester, Oh
System Name N7
Processor AMD Ryzen 3600
Motherboard Asrock B450 Gaming-ITX
Cooling Custom loop
Memory Gskill F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC
Video Card(s) Asus ROG RX 5700XT
Storage Intel 545s 256gb, Samsung 840 series 250gb, WD Blue 1tb ssd
Display(s) AOC Q3279VWFD8 1440p
Case Enthoo Evolv mAtx
Audio Device(s) onboard, Steelseries Arctis 3
Power Supply Corsair AX760
Mouse Corsair M65 Pro
Keyboard HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
Software Windows 10 64 bit
Benchmark Scores Firestrike 21626 Time Spy 8907
I'm in!
I'll be playing games, taking care of kids, and working.
Feb 19, 2006
6,270 (1.16/day)
New York
Processor INTEL CORE I9-9900K @ 5Ghz all core 4.7Ghz Cache @1.305 volts
Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z390-P ATX
Cooling CORSAIR HYDRO H150I PRO RGB 360MM 6x120mm fans push pull
Memory CRUCIAL BALLISTIX 3000Mhz 4x8 32gb @ 4000Mhz
Storage ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB 3D NAND NVMe,Intel 660p 1TB m.2 ,1TB WD Blue 3D NAND,500GB WD Blue 3D NAND,
Display(s) 50" Sharp Roku TV 8ms responce time and Philips 75Hz 328E9QJAB 32" curved
Power Supply 1600 Watt
Software Windows 10
I'm in!

Summer time stories would all be of fishing, bonfires, hiking, a bit of gaming....good ole stories;).

Thanks for the offer for your Birthday!!!!!


WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
Jan 9, 2011
10,960 (3.03/day)
Processor 3900X @ 4.0
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E
Cooling DeepCool Castle 360EX
Memory G Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB 3600
Video Card(s) RX 5700 XT Pulse
Storage Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB
Display(s) LG 34UC88
Case Thermaltake P3
Power Supply SeaSonic 660XP2
Mouse Logitech G900
Keyboard G Skill KM570 MX Silver
Software Windows 10 Pro
@Norton, why you gotta be so awesome!? :respect:

This summer... Working like woah, trying not to melt in the summer sun :cry:

I can't enter because I just don't have time for games lately. I haven't been on Steam in forever, just no time, no energy for that lately, and I can promise that my wife is happy about it :laugh:
Nov 21, 2010
1,616 (0.44/day)
Right where I want to be
System Name Miami
Processor Ryzen 3800X
Motherboard Asus Crosshair VII Formula
Cooling Ek Velocity/ 2x 280mm Radiators/ Alphacool fullcover
Memory F4-3600C16Q-32GTZNC
Video Card(s) SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 5700 XT
Storage 1TB WD M.2 SSD/ 2TB WD SN750/ 4TB WD Black HDD
Display(s) DELL AW3420DW / HP ZR24w
Case Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL
Audio Device(s) EVGA Nu Audio
Power Supply Seasonic Prime Gold 1000W
Mouse Corsair Scimitar/Glorious Model O-
Keyboard Corsair K95 Platinum
Software Windows 10 Pro
I'm in!

Saving for the new semester and doing poorly on that front.
Dec 29, 2012
614 (0.21/day)
System Name White Shark
Processor 7700K - 5.0 GHz (delidded)
Motherboard MSI Z270 gaming pro carbon
Cooling CM 212 EVO
Memory CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3000
Video Card(s) MSI RTX 2070 SUPER SAIYAN X TRI over 9000!!!
Storage Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB/ Seagate 1TBx2
Display(s) LG 34GP83A-B 3440x1440p 144hz nano-ips ultrawide
Case NZXT H510 (stock neg air pressure)
Power Supply Seasonic 850FX focus gold 80plus
Mouse Logitech 502 Hero
Keyboard Corsair K55
Software W10
1st I will drop a bucket of thanks to you for this.
Im in!!!!

keep playing awesome games and try to save money for a new monitor 1440p for enjoying graphics more and more!!!


Tech, Games, and TPU!
Mar 26, 2014
6,655 (2.73/day)
Washington, USA
System Name Veraltet
Processor 3700x
Motherboard AsRock Taichi Ultimate x470
Cooling NH-D15 Chromax
Memory G.Skill 2x16GB 3200mhz
Video Card(s) MSI GTX1080 Ti Gaming X
Storage 2 NVME + 4 HDD
Display(s) LG 34UB88-P + 2x AOC 2425W
Case CoolerMaster NR600
Audio Device(s) SteelSeries Arctis 5
Power Supply Rosewill Fortress 750w
Mouse Corsair Scimitar Pro
Keyboard Corsair K57
Software Windows 10 Professional
Benchmark Scores Brrrrrrr
I'm in!

Gonna take a vacation down to see family that I haven't seen in years. Should be fun.
May 31, 2007
1,051 (0.21/day)
Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia
System Name Rampage 3.0
Processor i7 3770K 4.2Ghz
Motherboard ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
Cooling Corsair 110 (280mm rad)
Memory 16GB G.Skill Sniper F3-1866 10-11-10 CR1
Video Card(s) 2 X gigabyte 7970 ghz edition @1100mhz / 6000mhz
Storage samsung 500 GB + 128GM crucial M4 ssd
Display(s) LG IPS235P 23in IPS 1080p
Case corsair vengance c70 - white
Audio Device(s) On Board
Power Supply Corsair HX-750w
Software Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
I'm in!

Sadly I'll be working :(


Semi-Retired Folder
Nov 22, 2005
27,401 (4.99/day)
Indiana, USA
Processor Intel Core i7 10850K@5.2GHz
Motherboard AsRock Z470 Taichi
Cooling Corsair H115i Pro w/ Noctua NF-A14 Fans
Memory 32GB DDR4-3600
Video Card(s) ASUS Strix GTX 1080Ti
Storage 500GB SX8200 Pro + 8TB with 1TB SSD Cache
Display(s) QNIX QX2710 1440p@120Hz
Case Fractal Design Define S
Audio Device(s) Onboard is good enough for me
Power Supply eVGA SuperNOVA 1000w G3
Software Windows 10 Pro x64
I'm in!

Though I'll be working on my new house all summer(just bought it Jun 9th!).


TPU addict
Jun 23, 2007
16,789 (3.42/day)
Processor 2500k \ AMD 3900X+NH-D15
Motherboard ASRock Z68 \ ASRock AM4 Pro 4
Memory Samsung low profile 1600 \ Patriot 2x16GB PVS432G320C6K
Video Card(s) eVga GTX1060 SSC \ XFX R9 390X
Storage 2xIntel 80Gb (SATA2) Crucial MX500 \ Samsung 860 1TB +Samsung Evo 250GB+500GB+ 2xCorsair Force 120GB
Display(s) Samsung 1080P \ Toshiba HDTV 1080P
Case HTPC400 \ Thermaltake Armor case ( VE2000BWS ), With Zalman fan controller ( wattage usage ).
Audio Device(s) Yamaha RX-A820 \ Yamaha CX-830+Yamaha MX-630 Infinity RS4000 Paradigm 5SE + Tannoy Mercury F4
Power Supply PC&Power 750w \ Seasonic 750w MKII
Mouse Steelseries Sensei wireless \ Steelseries Sensei wireless
Keyboard Logitech K120 \ ROCCAT MK Pro ( modded amber leds )
Benchmark Scores Meh benchmarks.
I'm in, as this summer not really any thing tbh.

Thank You.
Apr 30, 2011
1,713 (0.49/day)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600X@95W
Motherboard MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
Cooling Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Black
Memory 2*8GB PATRIOT PVS416G373C7K@3333MT_C16
Video Card(s) Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 Pulse 8GB
Storage Sandisk SSD 120GB, INTEL 540S SSDSCKKW180H6 180GB, Samsung F1 1TB, Hitachi HUS724040ALE640 4TB
Display(s) AOC 27G2U/BK IPS 144Hz
Audio Device(s) Realtek 7.1 onboard
Power Supply Zalman Z550
Mouse Sharkoon SHARK Force Black
Keyboard Trust GXT280
Software Win 7 sp1 64bit/Win 10 pro 64bit
Benchmark Scores CB R15 64bit: single core 173p, multicore 1306p
I 'm in!

Working and trying to rest a bit on short vacation later this summer is the plan if possible.

Thanks a lot Norton! A truly generous guy who gets even better as time pass. ;) :toast: :lovetpu:
Oct 29, 2012
842 (0.29/day)
System Name Perf/price king /w focus on low noise and TDP
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Cooling Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A (BW)
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP Black
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 670 OC
Storage 525GB Crucial MX300 & 256GB Samsung 830 Series
Display(s) Home: LG 29UB65-P & Work: LG 34UB88-B
Case Fractal Design Arc Mini
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar Essence STX /w Sennheiser HD 598
Power Supply be quiet! Straight Power CM E9 80+ Gold 480W
Mouse Roccat Kone XTD optical
Keyboard SteelSeries Apex M500
Software Win10
I'm in.

I plan on inviting friends over at least once every weak, since I haven't had much time for them lately as I've been pretty preoccupied with work, my kids, our house and back garden.

Appreciate the generous offer @Norton . Thank you! :rockout:
Dec 23, 2012
1,470 (0.51/day)
south korea
System Name COVID Bonus Build
Processor Ryzen R9 3900XT 4.5 Ghz @ 1.275V
Motherboard Asus ROG Crosshair Viii Hero Wifi
Cooling Lian Li 360 Galahad
Memory G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32gb OC @ 3733 mhz CL14-13-13-21 1T @ 1.45V
Video Card(s) Zotac GTX 750ti. (yup not a typo error) :)
Storage Seagate 520 1TB + Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB + lots of HDD's
Display(s) Samsung Odyssey G7
Case Lian Li PC-O11D XL White
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Super Flower Leadex SE Platinum 1000W
Mouse Logitech MX Master 2S
Software Windows 10 Pro
Benchmark Scores Have tried but can't beat the leaders :)
I'm In

My plan for summer is stay cool :cool:

Advance happy birthday and thank you for giveaway :toast:
Apr 19, 2009
917 (0.22/day)
Processor i7-9700
Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO
Memory 32GB DDR4
Video Card(s) msi 1080
Storage Samsung SSD 850 pro 2TB+1tb hdd 7200rpm+ 1tb 970pro
Software Mageia 6 + Windows 10
I'm in!
Happy B-Day in advance, I plan to enjoy the life + learn Illustrator(if will be time)...


Super Moderator
Staff member
Oct 15, 2006
13,415 (2.60/day)
Missoula, MT, USA
System Name Kursah's Gaming Rig 2018 - Ryzen+ Edition | SpartanCore | SpartanCore2
Processor R7 2700X @ Stock (3.7/4.35) w/PBO+XFR2 | i7 3770 3.4/3.9 Stock | i7 4770 3.4/3.9 Stock
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X370-F Gaming | Intel DQ77MK | SuperMicro X10SLQ
Cooling Noctua NH-U14S Push-Pull + NT-H1 | Stock Intel Cooler + AC MX4 | Stock Intel Cooler + AC MX4
Memory 16GB (2x8) G.Skill DDR4-3200 | 16GB (4x4) Samsung DDR3-1600 | 32GB (4x8) Mushkin Stealth DDR3-1600
Video Card(s) MSI GTX980 Ti Gaming 6G LE @ Stock | Onboard Intel HD 4000 | Onboard Intel HD 4600
Storage SSD 250GB + 960GB, 1x2TB | 120GB SSD, RAID10 6x2TB (6TB) | 120GB SSD, RAID10 6x3TB (9TB)
Display(s) Samsung 32" TV IPS 1080p, Dell 23" U2312HM IPS 1080p | 19" Dell on KVM..mostly headless operation.
Case Corsair 600C - Stock Fans on Low | Lian Li Lancool PC-K7 - Cougar fans | Modified Lenovo TS430 Case
Audio Device(s) Aune T1 mk1 > AKG K553 Pro + HiFiMAN HE-350 (Equalizer APO + PeaceUI) | Not in use
Power Supply EVGA 750G2 Modular + APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 | EVGA KR500 80+ Bronze (Both) + APC Smart-UPS 1500
Mouse Logitech G502 | Dell USB Laser Mouse (KVM)
Keyboard Logitech G15 rv2 | Dell USB Keyboard (KVM)
Software Windows 10 Pro x64 | Windows Server 2012 R2 (Hyper-V) | Windows Server 2016 (Hyper-V)
I'm in! :toast:

Edit: I'm going to work off debt this summer. :D
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