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Good 5.1 headphones?

Mar 31, 2007
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Motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V
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Storage Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240gb. 2 TB Hdd.
Display(s) 3x24inch Dell Ultra IPS
Case CM storm trooper
Power Supply Antec Quattro OC ed. 1200w
Software Windows 7 Business x64
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I'm looking for some headphones with a little bit of complex criteria. I'd like either true 5.1 or simulated. For the most part they'll be used for my computer at night. Right now I plug my headphones through my center speaker with 1 cable. I don;t really want to be switching it with my speakers each time at the sound card.

I've seen some with built in sound card or a device that connects to the headphones. but on the connecting end i would like 1 2.5mm connector. Suggestions?

edit: post thoughts on the subject as well. am i losing potential quality by plugging into my center speaker with 1 cable. even if the speakers come with a device?
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