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Good i7 watercool setup?


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Apr 19, 2008
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Processor Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.5Ghz
Motherboard EVGA X58 Mobo
Cooling Zalman 9700 with LGA 1366 backplate
Memory 6gb OCZ platinum 1600mhz
Video Card(s) 1 EVGA GTX295
Storage 2x250gb SataII Seagate 'cuda 7200 in raid 0
Case Antec 900
Power Supply Cooler Master 850w eXtreme Power Duo
Software Vista X64
Benchmark Scores 3dMark Vantage scores: 21173
As the Title suggests I am looking for a good liquid cooling setup for my new i7 processor and motherboard. Also looking to liquid cool my graphics card but not sure. My system specs are updated take a look and let me know your suggestions.:toast: