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Got an APC UPS or datacenter power mgmt?parent company listed as a SOPA supporter.

May 13, 2010
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APC or American Power Conversion a manufacturer of Uninterruptable Power Supplies, datacenter rack and power management systems, etc... was acuired by Schneider Electric. That Parent company Schneider Electric was listed on the following document: http://www.theglobalipcenter.com/sites/default/files/pressreleases/letter-359.pdf
as a standalone supporter as well as being listed under NEMA.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THEY OWN THE APC BRANDS, THE SQUARE D BRANDS which mean the UPS products, the circuit breakers that are in people's homes, businesses, etc.... If they support this they will loose a TON more money than most of those other companies. A SINGLE datacenter that wants to expand and hears of this could easily cost APC/Schneider Electric 100K or more! they could have losses in the high millions. That's a very dangerous name to have on there! Please confirm this! I suggest contacting them, however, be nice and professional. Thank you!!!!
Please also pass this along to any web hosting companies as well and encourage them to contact APC by Schnieder Electric as well!
This is the company that manufactures most of the UPSes in data centers!
This company stands to loose way more then most brands on the list... companies like Fender, Red Wing Shoes, etc only stand to loose minimal customers and profits off of being on the list, however APC is different. They can loose hundreds of thousands of dollars FROM ONE CUSTOMER!!!!!
Also such a critical company to the datacenter infrustructure (we all need power distribution to those servers and routers, etc....) this needs to be addressed! I am urging you to contact them and find out whether they really support this or not.


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Jun 13, 2010
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