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GPU aftermarket heatsink

Feb 8, 2010
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I am looking for a quiet LOW PROFILE GPU/VGA heatsink. What would you recommend?

I have a geforce 9500GT that technically only takes up ONE expansion port. However, the heatsink on it seems to barely be too big and "sort of" covers the expansion port directly below it. The item I want to put in the port below it will not fit but literally a 5-10mm clearance. So are there standards in terms of aftermarket gpu heatsinks because I would like to get a low profile/slim one heatsink for the GPU that is fairly quiet.
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Sep 25, 2007
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a zalman vnf100 might work, do you have room ontop of the card in your case
May 16, 2008
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a zalman vnf100 might work, do you have room ontop of the card in your case
Good idea. Along those lines is a HR-03. If you find a used Rev A, you could probably get one for cheap, because it's so old.

Only problem is that these cooling solutions cost half as much as the card! If you spend more than $15, you might as well return (if you can) or sell the card and get a new one that fits. A $50 card with a $30 heatsink doesn't make much sense imo. You're much better off with a $80 card with a stock heatsink that works.

Speaking of stock heatsinks, you might be able to find a stock heatsink of some low end card that may work. That'll be cheap.