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GPU Power with Nvidia Tesla K20

H in OH

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Jul 15, 2014
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Using GPU-Z 0.7.8.

On my laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 4000 built into the CPU, GPU-Z reports a sensor value for GPU Power. When using GPU-Z on a workstation with a Nvidia Tesla K20 GPGPU, the GPU Power sensor value is not reported. However, if I check the GPU with nvidia-smi, it does report a sensor value for GPU power that varies with the workload. Is there a way to view the GPU power sensor value for an Nvidia Tesla K20 with GPU-Z?



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May 14, 2004
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Due to the way NVIDIA has engineered their API for the K20 it's not possible and not planned.

Longer explanation, NVIDIA says "NVAPI is the way to do this stuff on all GPUs", except that it's broken on Tesla K20, for which there exists another API which nvidia-smi uses, but that API is 64-bit only and does not exist on 32-bit sytems. GPU-Z is a 32-bit application which can't call 64-bit libraries, so I'd have to invest a lot of time just to work around this for a tiny userbase.

If you own a Tesla you paid a lot of money to get great support from NVIDIA, so go complain to them about this fact and ask them to do something about it with your Dollars.