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GPU-Z and Radeon HD 6800?

May 21, 2009
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i didnt say that the screenshot was real, or that the card exists, or that the data is correct.

all i said was that i dont see any evidence that the screenshot is fake
of course - did not mean to imply otherwise (if i did)
Jan 1, 2010
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i dont think its possible to know if its real or fake, however personally id say its most likely real, because i also looked over it in photoshop splitting up colors ext to try and find signs of faking and i couldn't, however it may not be detectable because the image quality is poor, its been reduced in size by jpeg degrading the original image quality, however the performance thats suggested here is exactly what i was expecting, even if it was fake, id say this is exactly what you would expect form 6800, so if its a fake it was taken care to be realistic and with a good amount of research and time
Nov 27, 2006
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Mar 2, 2009
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Well I have an eye for photoshop. However if properly done its IMPOSSIBLE to tell if something has been tampered with. Now with that being said I feel that SS is fake and Ill tell you why.

The text in the tab view looks to be a different resolution then the text in the info boxes. Now I could be wrong but thats what I question. Its tough to tell with such a small picture.
They're the same size. I tried it with my own screenshot too at the same image size. The text in the info boxes and the tab view are exactly the same obviously. But when I changed to the Basic theme, it LOOKED a bit different between the two.


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Jan 11, 2010
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looks freaking awesome to me and it seems AMD is gonna stay on top (since its no longer ATi) and it also looks like their going back to two dual chip cards from this,

so looks like there is gonna be a 6970 and a 6950 and if so wow. On top of that the northern island chips are hybrid chips containing parts from both southern islands and evergreen because the 32 nm process has been shelved by every chip maker so then the southern island chips should be massively powerful compared to the 5k series, likely at least 50% more powerful than the current chips if the NI chips are 25% better and they are hybrid chips.