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Gravitational waves

May 31, 2014
205 (0.10/day)
System Name serenity now
Processor Amd 2400g
Motherboard Asrock ab350m Pro 4
Cooling CM Masterair G100M
Memory G.skill 2x4gb 3200
Video Card(s) igpu vega 11
Storage Apacer pcie ssd 240 gb
Case scratch build
Power Supply inter tech 650w 80+bronze
Software Ubuntu bionic beaver 18.04 lts
Oct 8, 2015
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Earth's Troposphere
System Name it would be "theuncrisonedone" come to think of it, but it aint
Processor Intel Pentium gfourtyfourhundret
Motherboard Asrock H-110DGS
Cooling boxed
Memory two 4GB Hyper X Fury's 14C2133MHZ
Video Card(s) Zotac Geforece GTX 1050
Storage UV400-111GB/WD 1000GB HDD Blue series
Display(s) Fujitsu B-17 ECO
Case Asus V3-P5945GC
Audio Device(s) Elna Audio
Power Supply DeltaElectronics PPGTFX13
Mouse wMS
Keyboard K1-something
Software must I?
The dinamic of the cosmos if baffling , it may be close(beatlejuice already went nova) or yet, far away and or any in-between and further apart, another phenomenae .
A Gravitatial wave is something I've fathomed many moons ago but it's not exempt from the "medium" thought it propagates and as such it can be lensed ( Gravitational-lensing).
PS:take notice as what I've typed it's not set in stone, I am merely a wanderer. Cheers.