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gt 650m high idle clocks

Aug 28, 2012
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hello! gt 650m here.

I'm running gpu-z 0.6.4 and I see that when there's no load on gpu, it will never throttle down to idle clocks, it always runs stuck @ 835 mhz for core clock and 900 mhz for memory.

But if I run something that utilizes nvidia gpu (the desktop runs on intel hd4000), the clock get alive and eventually, if there's no load but the app utilizing nvidia is still running, it will idle at 135/405 mhz.

Close the app - get the clocks stuck high again. I'm frustrated.

Also there are other strange things to notice - althouh gt 650m is definitely CUDA and PhysX enabled, there are no checkmarks in "computing" area in gpu-z. :confused:

The same problem (I mean clocks) is seen using hwinfo64. It just seems to me that monitoring software is forcing somehow the gpu to run at high clock. If not, it's a complete mistery for me.

it is getting obvious that running monitoring software itself makes the gpu run at high clock, because the gpu temp begins to rise from 40s to 50s straight after gpu-z was launched. then i quit it, let cool down for a few minutes, repeat - temps go from 40s and up again.
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