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GTA3 problem

Sep 26, 2007
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Processor HTPC: 965BE 3.7GHz - Main Rig: FX-8150 3.6GHz
Motherboard ASUS M4A79 Deluxe - AsRock 990FX Killer
Cooling Arctic - Heatkiller/XSPC
Memory 8 gig GSkill 1066 - 8 gig Team Vulcan
Video Card(s) HIS 4670 - XFX R7 260X
Storage 1TB Samsung&2 WD 500GB - 250GB EVO SSD,WD 500GB, WD 640GB
Display(s) Toshiba 32" TV - Planar PX2710MW
Case Fractal Node 605 - Fractal Arc Midi R2 candy apple red over gold metallic
Audio Device(s) onboard - onboard
Power Supply PC power&cooling 750w - PC Power&Cooling 600w
Mouse Mini keyboard w/trackball - Intellimouse from Alienware (2002)
Keyboard Mini keyboard w/trackball - Antec
Software Win 7 Ult.SP1 - Ultimate Edition 4.2
My grandson's rig: AMD 3500 AM2 single core, X850XT vid card, 2 gig ram Win XP Pro.
After building this pc, I installed some games, Grand Theft Auto 3 being one of them. He played gta3 about 6-8 times and all was well. Then one day he went to load the game and the screen went black then back to the desktop, the screen res had dropped from 1440x900 to something like 600x400 and it just sat there, no mouse pointer, hitting esc didn't work. Hit ctrl-alt-del and end task and screen goes back to desktop and 1440x900. I contacted Rockstar games and told them the problem and sent them my dxdiag file after I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I also installed the latest drivers from ATI. They had me delete the user files and try the game again, same problem. They then had me uninstall and do a reinstall in safe mode, same problem. On 1-23-08 they told me they were sending my problem to the 2nd tier of support. I have not heard anything since even though I have emailed them twice.
Anyone know of a fix for this ?