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GTX 570 HD 2.5gb ddr5 flash failed


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Mar 16, 2013
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I bought two gtx 570's off a friend, in order to replace my gtx 295 pcb sandwich,one of the fans on one of my gtx 570's was only capable of going to 85% and it was running rather hot, i downloaded a fan unlocker and ran it, much to my surprise it ended up making my display default back and windows 7 wont detect the cards properly now. I wasnt really sure what to do so i looked it up and realized it altered my gpu, or tried to anyway. I was fortunate enough that the friend of mine had backups of each of the gpus vga bios. and has given them to me, i followed steps on various forums and followed nvflash commands to the letter from windows 7 cmd window to restore them, but it's still detecting as "standard vga graphics adapter" gpu-z lists and detects the statistics of the card aside from the name. its detecting clock and memory frequencies fine, and as my monitor is plugged into it right now as i write this i'm not really sure what to make of it, i'm going to attempt booting off a usb stick tomorrow but any tips and help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.