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GTX 750 Taken Apart, Sips Power from a Single 6-pin Connector

Feb 14, 2012
1,900 (0.78/day)
System Name msdos
Processor 8086
Motherboard mainboard
Cooling passive
Memory 640KB + 384KB extended
Video Card(s) EGA
Storage 5.25"
Display(s) 80x25
Case plastic
Audio Device(s) modchip
Power Supply 45 watts
Mouse serial
Keyboard yes
Software disk commander
Benchmark Scores still running
Maybe the box said $199 and the shelf had a big $179 SALEZ OMGZ!!1! sign (B&M tactics ...)
Apr 30, 2012
2,882 (1.22/day)
Maybe the box said $199 and the shelf had a big $179 SALEZ OMGZ!!1! sign (B&M tactics ...)
It depends on the cards

MSI 780 Lightning @ MicroCenter $529.99 @ Newegg $549.99

MSI Gaming N760 TF 2GD5/OC @ MicroCenter $259.99 w/rebate $249.99 @ Newegg $279.99
Sep 7, 2011
2,785 (1.07/day)
New Zealand
System Name MoneySink
Processor 2600K @ 4.8
Motherboard P8Z77-V
Cooling AC NexXxos XT45 360, RayStorm, D5T+XSPC tank, Tygon R-3603, Bitspower
Memory 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600C8
Video Card(s) GTX 780 SLI (EVGA SC ACX + Giga GHz Ed.)
Storage Kingston HyperX SSD (128) OS, WD RE4 (1TB), RE2 (1TB), Cav. Black (2 x 500GB), Red (4TB)
Display(s) Achieva Shimian QH270-IPSMS (2560x1440) S-IPS
Case NZXT Switch 810
Audio Device(s) onboard Realtek yawn edition
Power Supply Seasonic X-1050
Software Win8.1 Pro
Benchmark Scores 3.5 litres of Pale Ale in 18 minutes.
It depends on the cards. MSI 780 Lightning @ MicroCenter $529.99 @ Newegg $549.99
Of the seven 780's stocked at both vendors, one is cheaper at Micro Center ? Well, that's certainly indicative !

MSI N780 TF....$520 at Micro Center..........Newegg $490
EVGA SC ACX..$530 at Micro Center..........Newegg $490
EVGA Class.......$550 at Micro Center..........Newegg $540
Gigabyte OC....$520 at Micro Center..........Newegg $510
PNY.....................$520 at Micro Center..........Newegg $500
EVGA SC...........$530 at Micro Center...........Newegg $500

Notice a trend?
Apr 30, 2012
2,882 (1.22/day)
As any purchaser I would hope one doesn't restrict themselves to 2 retailers. rather then looking for the one that can provide the best deal.

Soon we'll know the prices.

Its suppose to replace a $139-159 card at $179-$199 its going up against far superior performance cards and unless your huge on power savings that's not such a good deal.


PC Gaming Enthusiast
Jul 25, 2008
10,735 (2.87/day)
Louisiana -Laissez les bons temps rouler!
System Name Bayou Devil
Processor Core i7-4790k 4.4Ghz @ 1.18v
Motherboard ASUS Z97 Deluxe
Cooling All air: 2x140mm Fractal exhaust; 3x 140mm Cougar Intake; Enermax T40F CPU cooler
Memory 2x 8GB Mushkin Redline DDR-3 1866
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X
Storage 1x 500 MX500 SSD; 2x 2TB WD Black; 1x4TB WD Black;1x 2TB WD Green (eSATA)
Display(s) HP 27q 27" IPS @ 2560 x 1440
Case Fractal Design Define R4 Black w/Titanium front -windowed
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster Z
Power Supply Seasonic X-850
Mouse Coolermaster Sentinel III
Keyboard Logitech G610 Orion mechanical (Cherry Brown switches)
Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Start10 & Fences 3.0 installed)
Seems apropos considering the owner of the card said that his i3 / 750 Ti system is pulling less than 120 watts when gaming
THAT is a simply amazing number!