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GV-R587UD-1GD problems

Mar 23, 2010
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I recently purchased 2 X GV-R587UD-1GD to replace my 2 4870x2 that I'm selling to friends, I'm having the following 2 problems :

1- (Major issue) I can not run any high Def. movie on my PC any more, the PC will lockup then BSOD.

2- (not so major) In Bad Company 2 I keep getting horizontal lines across the screen, like the lines you see when you cam cord a CRT monitor. Only Bad Company 2 shows this, I tried some other games but they work fine.

I'm using 10.3a and also tried 10.2 but the same problem.



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Jul 19, 2006
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Processor i7 8700K
Motherboard Asus Maximus Hero X WiFi
Cooling Water
Memory 16GB G.Skill 3200Mhz CL14
Video Card(s) GTX 1080
Storage SSD's
Display(s) Nixeus EDG27
Case Thermaltake Core X5
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster Zx
Power Supply Corsair H1000i
Mouse Zowie EC1-B
Are you using the CrossFire application file? If you are, uninstall it, if you aren't install it. One or the other should fix the problem in BC2.

The high def movie thing is a problem. Usually it has to do with clocks being too low. Here is a fix: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=117633
Mar 23, 2010
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The clocks on the gigabyte are locked @ 850/1200 all the time even in 2d !!!

I also tried the crossfire profiles thing installed/uninstalled and didn't work.

Each card works perfectly in BFBC2 when only one is running.

Hmm some people on Newegg seems to have the same HD clip issue as mine on the same card ! :cry:


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Mar 30, 2010
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System Name desktop
Processor Intel Q9550 @ 3.83 Ghz, 1.28 vcore
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Cooling Tuniq tower 120 extreme
Memory 8 Gigs G.skill DDR-2 800 @ 900 Mhz
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GV-R587UD-1GD 5870, 900/1250
Storage 640 gig WD Caviar Black, 1TB Hatachi
Display(s) Dell SP2309 @ 2048x1152
Case Antec 1200 w/ Xigmatek fans
Audio Device(s) Creative Audigy SB 2 ZS
Power Supply BFG ES-800 w/ Xigmatek 140mm fan mod
Software Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
I have the same card and I was able to run windows experience finally. It used to crash and the driver would recover. I used MSI afterburner and overclocked the card to 950/1300 and then it worked. No idea why.