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HD6950 fan stuck at 100%

Jun 26, 2007
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Memory Team UD4-4000 @3600 CL16
Video Card(s) 5600XT Red Devil
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Display(s) DELL U2417H
Case Termalthake xaser III black with lots of noctua 80mm fans
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Power Supply Seasonic Prime GX-750
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Keyboard Logitech
Software 10 pro
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My graphic card turned into a vacuum cleaner this morning, from power on the fan will run at 100%, reported temp is -128C.

What I tried to do was take it out, clean it unplug the fan, plug it back, mount the card back and problem not solved...

Maybe I can try reinstall the drivers, or maybe swap bios...

This week should replace it with a power color 5700 red dragon, or 5600XT red devil...

I also feel i could get away with disabling the fan, not planning to do any gaming anyway...

So, any suggestions for a fix?

EDIT: The card tired itself out and is normalized, i also just ordered a new 5600XT red devil, been wanting to upgrade since December anyway...
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Apr 20, 2007
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Software Windows 10 Pro
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If its reporting -128'c then that cards a gonner. You could disconnect the fan but having been an owner of two 6970s in xfire - I know first hand how hot those babies run so having it run passive is not recommended. Suggest you ghetto rig up a fan to it or throw it out for a cheap card that sips power like an eco engine.

Not a lot you can do about it when the thermal sensors dead. Either downgrade or move on if you dont have the skills and parts to fix it. Toss it out and just pick up a cheap low end card just to drive a monitor if you dont game.