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Heaven 2.0's tessellation broken on my system?


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Mar 18, 2009
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New Zealand
System Name Enmity
Processor Intel i5 3570K 4.6Ghz@1.320vcore
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V
Cooling Corsair H100
Memory 2 x 4 GB Mushkin Frostbyte 9-9-9-24
Video Card(s) 2 x MSI 5850's
Storage 1 x 90GB OCZ Vertex2 SSD, 1 x 1TB HDD, 3 x 320GB HDD
Display(s) Samsung XL2370
Case Coolermaster Storm Stryker
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar DG PCI + Senn HD485's
Power Supply Corsair HX850
Software Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Hey peeps, im having a strange problem trying to run this latest 2.0 version for heaven benchmark. System specs are as follows.

AMD Phenom II 940 @ 3.6Ghz

2x MSI 5850's at stock 725/1000

Gigabyte Ga-Ma790fx-Dq6

2x320GB Seagate Sata drives in Raid 0

2x160GB Seagate Sata drives

750W Silverstone strider Powersupply

All well cooled in a Coolermaster HAF932 Full Tower Chassis.

All other games/benchmarks and stress testers run fine with my current settings/overclock but the problem is this...

It runs in dx9/10 and 11 fine with absolute max settings. However if I enable tessellation in dx11 mode the bench will run for between 30sec - 60sec and then will freeze up completely and I have to reboot. This is with any level of tesselation, moderate/normal/extreme...it makes no difference and extreme doesn't necessarilly freeze up any quicker than moderate tessellation.

I've been trying to figure this problem out for a while on the Guru3d forums. Firstly I thought it must be the ati drivers, so i have tried the latest betas inc 10.3a/b and the open GL 4.0 driver, but also the official 10.3's/10.2's and 10.1's all of which are giving me this freeze.

I re downloaded heaven benchmark 2.0 directly from the unigine website because i originally got it from techpowerup ( just incase something went wrong in my original download) but the same freeze occurs still.

I run a custom fan profile for my graphics cards using MSI afterburner and my temps under full load never top 60C and both of my graphics cards are at stock clocks (725/1000)

I have looked around to see if anyone else has had this problem but so far I haven't found anyone with this problem, and no one has been able to help me thus far.

I began to think maybe its because of one of my applications i use so I stripped windows 7 x64 down to the basics, and also closed msi afterburner but it still freezes, usually near the end of the first scene, but sometimes makes it to the third or fourth scene then freezes. It always seems to be at the same key spots when it freezes.

I reinstalled Direct X Feb 2010..no change.

So the last thing I tried was to uninstall heaven 2.0 and reinstall the heaven benchmark 1.0 - just to check to see if dx11/tessellation was working on my system.

Yup, heaven 1.0 can run at max settings tessellation enabled in dx11 mode all day long without a hitch. I can also play any other game absolutely fine including the dx11 title Dirt 2.

I guess I'm kind of at my wits end here. Has anyone else had this problem? does heaven 2.0 need an update perhaps?

I would love to have this benchmark working on my system, it's beautiful and I like seeing the difference between tessellation moderate/normal/extreme. I just haven't had the chance to enjoy it to its potential just yet. Very frustrating!

Am I missing something? What else can I do?

Thank you in advance.

Edit : Also, I've tried with my system at stock 3Ghz too, same problem, crashes at the beginning of scene 4, or near the end of scene 1 usually.