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HELP ME!!!! Anyone know what this means????



i have a Radeon 9800XT 256mb about 5 months (pre-installed in my new computer) and while running ati tool i get this message saying
"Init of findMax: subsequent images are different. Please report this bug"
Does anyone know what its on about?? My card has always had a slight checkerboard effect on certain light sources within games but Dell are a little reluctant to change it even though its still under warranty saying its down to the games not the card!

Have i got a case??

Thanks for all your help in advance!!!
Aug 15, 2004
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This means that the card is slightly unstable at the clocks it is running at right now. For stability, you might need to try better cooling or a lower clock on the card to get rid of the checkerboard.

Personally, I would call dell or whoever made it over and over until i got them to replace the card. For that much money, I would want a fully functional card.